Sussex Centre for Language Studies

English teaching for language assistants

Who is the course for?

The course is designed chiefly for:

  • students spending their Year Abroad as Language Assistants
  • those considering English Language Teaching (ELT/TEFL) as a career, providing an opportunity to get a taste of what teaching entails without committing to higher study.

Course description

English Teaching for Language Assistants is an intensive one-week course designed to provide a systematic and practical introduction to the skills and techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and an overview of current issues in second language learning and teaching.

It runs full-time for five days (25 hours), with peer teaching in the afternoons, and students completing the course are awarded a University of Sussex Certificate of Attendance. The course content includes:

  • current issues in methodology
  • course design, lesson planning and classroom management
  • effective teaching techniques to develop language skills, grammar and vocabulary
  • classroom practice through peer teaching and teaching observation
  • teaching young learners at primary and secondary level
  • ELT materials and teaching aids: course books, audio, video, web-based, authentic
  • CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
  • the role of Language Assistants in schools.

What else?

The Sussex Centre for Language Studies' Language Learning Centre offers you superb digital, multimedia facilities with internet access and satellite TV. Together with the audio and video language learning materials, these facilities will be available to you within the centre outside of class hours. Our course trainers are experienced teachers who also contribute to our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Dates, fees and enrolment