International Summer School

Modules by subject

These pages give details of the modules offered in each subject area during 2016. We are currently in the processing of confirming modules for 2017.

Terms taught (2017)

  • Session 1 is the first four-week session, 19 June - 14 July
  • Session 2 is the second four-week session, 17 July - 11 August


Module syllabi provide additional information on the content and structure of each module. Before applying please be sure to check that the 2017 syllabus has been approved by your home institution for transfer of credit.

Teaching, credits, and language requirements

For more information on teaching, credits, and language requirements, see choosing your module.


Christine’s perspective

Christine Loeser‘I’m so glad I came to Sussex! The Introduction to International Relations course I took proved to me that this is the subject I want to study as a Masters. The teacher was very knowledgeable and he really encouraged us to take part in discussions in the small and truly international class!

‘I’ve made some really good friends and met people with such different cultural and academic backgrounds. With the International Summer School you don’t just get to know the people in your class, you meet other people too as there are so many events to take part in!

‘Brighton is a nice city with a beach and great shopping opportunities and nightlife. The most cosmopolitan city in the world – London – is just one hour away.’

Christine Loeser
Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany