International Summer School

Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable Adjustments

ISS Students with a disability or diagnosed long-term condition may have reasonable adjustments (sometimes called accommodations) in place at their home institution. For any ISS student any reasonable adjustment request will need to be made three weeks prior to the assessment concerned. For the Physics modules, assessments start in week two of the first module and reasonable adjustments requests should be submitted two weeks before the start date of the International Summer School.

Since three weeks notice is required for reasonable adjustment requests, students are advised to contact SSU with any questions about student support in advance of the deadline. Also, do contact SSU if you have a long-term condition, which may be exacerbated by an intensive period of studying in a new environment.

Please contact: Student Support Unit (SSU) on

Confidential advice can be found at:

Deadline for requests is Friday 2 June 2017 in order to cover the start of the assessments.