International Summer School


Choosing your Module

An International Summer School module is a self-contained, formally structured credit-bearing unit of study, each has its own learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Each module carries 15 credits and lasts for four weeks. Since the standard annual load for a Sussex student is 120 credits, this means that each module is equivalent to four semester hours or 7.5 ECTS credits. You can take only one module per session, as the modules are intensive. Taking into account attending classes, labs and workshops, as well as time spent outside class reading and preparing assignments, you can expect to spend 25 to 35 hours each week on your module. If you choose to study physics, you should be aware that you will have more required class hours than students taking other modules. You can find information about the modules that we are currently offering in 2018 at our modules by subject page. Please note that some of our modules are subject to change.

The Sussex teaching system is based around intensive, small-group teaching in seminars, which allows you to engage with the subject. Seminar groups are usually limited to 20 students. Most of the science modules will be taught through lectures, workshops and labs, so numbers are less restricted. As well as learning in class, you will undertake a range of independent learning activities such as reading, preparing for classes, and completing assignments to increase your knowledge of the subject and ability to work in a self-motivated way.

Some of you will have a specific academic module that you need to take – for example, you may need to do physics as a pre­medical requirement, but still want a little adventure. Others will be looking for the opportunity to do something different – a module that your home institution does not offer, or one with a distinctly British focus. Whatever your needs and interests, we will be happy to discuss them with you, and to ensure that your time with us is a rewarding experience.

If your first choice module does not recruit enough students to run, we will let you know and put you onto your next available choice.

Modules with an asterisk (*) next to their titles are subject to academic approval.

Please also read our Admissions policy and Language requirements.

Transfer of Credit

If you wish to transfer module credit to your home institution, particularly if you are transferring major credit, you should consult carefully with your advisor before you choose your module(s). Many of the modules that we offer in the summer are similar to those offered during the academic year – we will be happy to supply any information that your home institution will find useful.

Sussex modules are accepted for transfer credit towards degrees at most colleges and universities. However, policies and degree requirements vary, so you are advised to obtain approval for transfer of module credit, if necessary, before you apply.