International Summer School

Fees and Scholarships


The tuition fee for the full eight-week International Summer School is £2,890; or £1,558 for one 15-credit, four-week module. In addition, some modules have a lab fee or a field trip fee (see module descriptions). Housing is £158/week (more information about housing). The £150 application fee must be made when you accept your offer of a place on the International Summer School. Due to the administration costs necessary for short intensive courses the application fee is non-refundable. Payment in full (minus the application fee of £150), including rent, is required by 15 June 2017. You must submit all fees by the required date in order to complete registration. Sussex does not offer facilities for deferred payment of fees.


The University of Sussex will be extending a limited number of scholarships for participation in the International Summer School 2017. These come in the form of fee waivers and accommodation costs to students from developing countries, who have high potential for future leadership in their field of study or career.

For 2017 the scholarship will offer a 100% reduction in tuition fees in one of the two four-week sessions of the Summer School, to the value of £1,558, plus on-campus accommodation for 4 weeks, to the value of £632. The successful candidates will also receive free bus travel around Brighton for the session, £50 Munch Money credit to use in food outlets on campus and free Social Programme trips up to the value of £180. The total value of the scholarship is up to £2,483. To apply you must be a national and resident of a developing country (as classified by the UN/World Bank), and must meet the general entrance and English language requirements for the International Summer School.

To be considered for the scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be aged 18 or over at the start of your chosen session
  • You must be a national and resident of a developing country (as classified by the World Bank). You are not eligible if you are already studying in a developed country. Lower income and middle income economies are referred to as “developing economies” and you should check your eligibility on the World Bank website before applying
  • You must be a current fulltime student at the time of the scholarship application deadline
  • You must be applying for either one or both sessions of the International Summer School 2017. Please note however the scholarship only covers one 4 week session
  • You must meet the general entrance and English language requirements for the Summer School. For more information on this please go to our Language Requirements
  • You must meet any pre-requisites for the module you have chosen. To view the syllabi for all modules please go to our Modules page

The 2017 Scholarship Form can be downloaded here. Please return the form to after you have completed your International Summer School application. All applications must be received by 00:00 GMT on 13 February 2017.

Christopher’s perspective

Christopher Osborne One of my most enjoyable and rewarding experiences was participating in the International Summer School (ISS) at Sussex.

I studied philosophy because I wanted to better understand the theories and beliefs upon which academic endeavours rely. Our tutor, Dr Hadjioannou, was fantastic: he made the subject come alive and helped create a supportive and encouraging environment for us to learn and share ideas. Being part of a small and enthusiastic group of students genuinely interested in their chosen subject was a privilege.

The ISS was also a growth experience. I learnt about other cultures and more about my own, and I am a better person for this. One of the great things about working with students from other cultures is how you can experience the same things but interpret them differently, and this left me with a more expansive thinking style. This was one of my most valuable takeaways.

Looking back, I can't think of a better way to have spent those four Summer weeks and everyone from the tutors, to the students and the ISS staff were incredible. I learnt, I grew as a person and it was fun!

Christopher Osborne
University of Sussex, UK