International Summer School

Living on Campus

ISS Student Housing

As a student at the International Summer School, you will be living on campus at the new Northfield accommodation. You will have your own room and bathroom, and be provided with a bed, a duvet, duvet cover, sheet, towel, pillow and pillowcase. In your hall, there is a kitchen facility that will be shared with approximately five other people who live in your flat. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, freezer, stove, kitchen supplies (pots, pans, and cutlery), microwave, oven, and dining table. Students may use the bus service on campus to travel from Northfield to Bramber House for free by presenting their Student ID card to the driver.

The price of accommodation is £158 per week and this includes all utilities. Our students are allocated accommodation in Northfield automatically and do not have to submit a separate accommodation application.

To visualise the details of the Northfield accommodation, please take the time to watch the video below. For more information on the location of the accommodation and to see photos, visit the residential services website.

You can also live off campus in privately rented accommodation if you prefer (however, high school students must live on campus or with a family member). The ISS office cannot take responsibility for any accommodation that you arrange privately.

Family accommodation on campus is very limited so please enquire early by emailing


Food and shops on campus

All University accommodation is self-catering with shared kitchen facilities where you can cook your own meals. However, there are a range of cafés on campus and in nearby Brighton if you wish to eat out.You can find a list of places to eat on campus here.

Additionally on campus, there is a supermarket containing a newsagent and post office known as “The Co-Op”. There are various local supermarkets off-campus that are easily accessible by bus or train. Local supermarkets also have an internet-based ordering service for grocery delivery to campus.

Campus stores include a bookshop, pharmacy, launderette and a bank.

IT services and computing

There is a free wi-fi service called eduroam available in your residences and most of the campus buildings. Instructions on how to connect will be provided when you arrive on campus. There is also information online here. Additionally, there are over 900 PCs around campus including a large number in the Library, Shawcross and Pevensey.

Student Support Unit

The Student Support Unit provides a range of services for students with long term conditions including disabled students, students with specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and AD/HD), and students with mental health difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders.

Most parts of the campus are accessible to wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility, although some areas do present challenges. The following link provides further details on access across the University: