International Summer School


Now that you're on your way to the International Summer School at Sussex, we hope you're looking forward to an exciting experience with opportunities to broaden your academic, social and cultural horizons. There can be a lot to think about especially when making arrangements to leave your country, and when you first arrive here and start adjusting to a new way of living and studying. At the University of Sussex we aim to give you a high level of support to ensure your time with us is as rewarding and problem-free as possible.

Throughout this website there is useful information to help you prepare for your summer at Sussex. From FAQs to the Student Handbook [PDF] and the Parents Guide [PDF] we hope we've provided answers to the majority of your questions. However, if have a have a question which you cannot find the answer the answer to, please contact us:

Jennie's perspective

Jennie Shar‘My experience here at the University of Sussex has been extremely gratifying. The staff who orientate and guide the students are so helpful and friendly and it is always easy to talk to them. Everyone on campus seems to have a smile on their face, no matter what the time or weather. ‘The classes have also been amazing – the tutors are here to teach and help, and go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and included. The small classes also ensure that you get individual time and attention from the tutor, if necessary, in order to fully understand the subject. The dorms that we live in are comfortable and allow us to either have alone time if needed, but also to meet new people from different parts of the world.’

Jennie Shar
University of California San Diego, USA