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Informatics Society, HackUS, is putting on an Xbox / Games Tournament & Social

9 March 2011

The Informatics Society, HackUS, is putting on an XBOX games night and tournament this Friday (11th...

Prime-time BBC science series sets up home at Sussex

3 March 2011

The University of Sussex is the new home to the BBC’s popular science series, Bang Goes the Theory.

New technologies that facilitate meaningful learning experiences

17 January 2011

Dr Judith Good, Reader in Informatics, has been invited to present her research on designing innovative technology for learners at TEDx Brighton...

Music in mind: science and art explore the conscious brain

15 October 2010

How do billions of neurons inside our heads generate the experience of a melody?

Sussex and Brighton Universities’ £1bn boost to the UK economy

7 October 2010

Sussex and Brighton universities contribute more than £1b into the UK economy, a new report released today shows.

Researchers explore the impact of social networking on shyness

5 July 2010

Researchers at the University of Sussex are working on how we can engage with the digital revolution without holding our lives up for scrutiny.

An ant’s eye view of the world at the Royal Society science festival

25 June 2010

Do you think you can outsmart an ant? That's the challenge being set by University of Sussex scientists at the Royal Society's summer festival.

Professor receives top award for robotics project

7 June 2010

University of Sussex Professor Owen Holland is among a team of robotics scientists who have been awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering Rooke Medal.

Staff and students dream up a scene for Co-op Chekhov

29 April 2010

Staff and students are helping to set the scene for one of the major productions of this year’s Brighton Festival, in Brighton's old Co-op building.

Sackler Centre for consciousness science opens at University of Sussex

16 April 2010

A new research centre that will tackle mysteries of the conscious mind is to open next week (21 April 2010).

Items 141 to 150 of 150

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