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New app will help people with autism influence tech developments

1 October 2015

A new mobile app will launch today hoping to tap into the creative juices of people with autism to find solutions to some of the challenges they face.

Fifith round of the Research Development Fund launched today

25 September 2015

Sussex Research have launched the fifth round of the Research Development Fund today (Friday 25 September).

Sussex staff bring virtual reality, live coding and more to Brighton Digital Festival

10 September 2015

Sussex staff are delving into virtual reality, performing live coding, and exposing hidden supply‑chain networks at the Brighton Digital Festival.

Praise for “feminine triumvirate” of researchers at Sussex

9 September 2015

An editor at a leading international journal has praised three researchers at Sussex for their work on artificial life.
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Sussex researcher finds children have better manners than robots

27 August 2015

A group of children proved they had better manners than a robot as they tried to program it to move and react to touch at the University of Sussex.

Sussex scientists bring the art of touch to the Tate

25 August 2015

The Tate Britain gallery in London - with University of Sussex scientists - is this week starting an experiment with art that engages all our senses

Sweet smell of success? Sussex fruit fly research makes global engineering award shortlist

12 August 2015

Sussex research about a fly’s sense of smell has beaten record competition to be shortlisted in the Institute of Chemical Engineers Global Awards.

Engineering and Informatics aim for a lean, mean admin machine

24 July 2015

Staff in the Eng/Inf School Office hope to become an example of administrative best practice, reduce waste and optimize productivity.

Sussex researchers to ‘programme a human’ at live coding conference

10 July 2015

Researchers from Sussex will be ‘programming’ a human performer at the first ever international conference on live coding next week (13-15 July).

Art and science collide in an explosion of colour, speed and movement

6 July 2015

A racing car built by students at the University of Sussex now has a unique livery thanks to the work of some of the University’s computing experts.

Items 1 to 10 of 75

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