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What it’s like to be a bee – Sussex researchers simulate the world as it would look to a bee

3 April 2014

Sussex researchers led by Prof Thomas Nowotny simulate the world as it would look like through the eyes of a bee.

Alumni return to Sussex to help students secure their dream job

12 March 2014

A record number students and recent graduates have attended a series of careers events organised jointly by CEC and DARO as part of Make it Happen.

The Sussex effect: University spend in UK economy to hit £1 billion by 2018, says report

5 March 2014

University activity is estimated to have led to £600 million in UK expenditure in 2012-13 – and could hit £1 billion by 2018, says a new report.

Sussex computer scientist wins international prize

4 March 2014

The Association for Mathematics of Language (SIGMOL) inaugural S.Y. Kuroda Prize has been awarded to Sussex computer science Professor David Weir.

Quick thinking: New book explains the brain in 30-second chunks

26 February 2014

Sussex brain experts have put their heads together to explain 50 of the most mind-blowing ideas in neuroscience, each in less than half a minute.

Sussex enters science festival with a pop, a fizz and a bang

11 February 2014

The University of Sussex joins the Brighton Science Festival, now in its eighth year, with a series of lectures, talks and hands-on demonstrations.

Cognitive scientist appointed adviser to Cambridge research centre

7 February 2014

Professor Margaret Boden has been invited to be an external scientific adviser to the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.

Informatics student teaches programming to local primary school children

5 February 2014

An Informatics student has been teaching local primary school children how to program at an after-school ‘Code Club’.

Funding boost to help make promising technology a business reality

28 January 2014

A Sussex academic who has developed software to overcome poor smartphone data connectivity in crowded places has been awarded an £85,000 grant.

Field study at the Mars Desert Research Station explores new designs for interactive systems

14 January 2014

An Informatics lecturer is investigating how astronauts deal with limitations in their sense of touch, in order to design better interactive experi...

Items 1 to 10 of 53

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