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Exterior of Chichester I to be refurbished

10 November 2015

Work begins this week to replace the windows in Chichester I, the location of the School of Engineering and Informatics.

Technology events for women coming up. Everybody wants you!

9 November 2015

There are a number of events coming up designed to showcase the opportunities for women in IT. Two of them involve awful puns, but don't let that put...

Careers Fair 2015 is nearly upon us

28 October 2015

Next Wednesday (4 November) over 130 different organisations will be gracing the AMEX stadium for Careers Fair 2015.

From science fiction to reality - sonic tractor beam invented

27 October 2015

The world’s first sonic tractor beams that can lift and move objects using soundwaves have been built by a team that includes researchers at Sussex.

New EPSRC grant awarded for wearable technologies research

21 October 2015

A new EPSRC grant was awarded to the Wearable Technologies Lab @ STRC

International students – make your voice heard!

13 October 2015

International students at Sussex will have an opportunity to let the University know what they think about their experience at Sussex.

Social media’s ‘big data’ could help police understand hate crime

9 October 2015

Researchers at Sussex have joined forces with the police to investigate whether there is a connection between social media activity and hate crimes.

New app will help people with autism influence tech developments

1 October 2015

A new mobile app will launch today hoping to tap into the creative juices of people with autism to find solutions to some of the challenges they face.

Sussex staff bring virtual reality, live coding and more to Brighton Digital Festival

10 September 2015

Sussex staff are delving into virtual reality, performing live coding, and exposing hidden supply‑chain networks at the Brighton Digital Festival.

Praise for “feminine triumvirate” of researchers at Sussex

9 September 2015

An editor at a leading international journal has praised three researchers at Sussex for their work on artificial life.
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Items 1 to 10 of 80

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