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Field study at the Mars Desert Research Station explores new designs for interactive systems

14 January 2014

An Informatics lecturer is investigating how astronauts deal with limitations in their sense of touch, in order to design better interactive experi...

Scientists identify a mathematical ‘crystal ball’ that may predict calamities

25 October 2013

Sussex neuroscientists have come up with an equation that may predict financial crashes in economic systems and epileptic seizures in the brain.

Heart in your hand? Neuroscientists discover a new illusion of consciousness

30 August 2013

The sight of a virtual-reality hand pulsing in time with your heart can convince your brain it's part of your body, say Sussex neuroscientists.

Walking with zombies: Sussex researchers explore consciousness at Science Museum event

22 January 2013

University of Sussex researchers will join forces with the public in january to fend off a zombie attack – all in the name of science.

Sussex neuroscientist explains why we’re hungry for puzzles

10 September 2012

Dr Daniel Bor, author of 'The Ravenous Brain', has come up with a radical new approach in the pursuit of our understanding of consciousness.

Sussex awards gold medals to its world-leading alumni and past academics

13 July 2012

Eight writers, artists, thinkers and scientists wil receive gold medals as part of the Sussex's 50th anniverary celebrations.

Secrets of the mind unlocked at consciousness conference

15 June 2012

A major conference dedicated to examining the brain processes of consciousness is being hosted by Sussex’s Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science.

Students guide younger generation to new heights in computer skills classes

2 April 2012

Sussex students are helping the next generation get to grips with vital computer programming skills by designing games that inspire them to learn.

Can we ever ‘get real’ ask Sussex scientists

23 February 2012

Sussex researchers will be challenging Brighton Science Festival goers this weekend on their perceptions of reality.

Sunday Times ranks Sussex among top 20 universities

11 September 2011

The University has risen two places to be ranked 19th in the Sunday Times University Guide, published today – the fourth top 20 placing this year.

Items 121 to 130 of 141

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