Sussex ranked first in the world for Development Studies

QS University Rankings 2016-17


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Migrant Lives Matter

Migrant Lives Matter - poster
Global Voices

presents  Migrant Lives Matter

An all-day event on Sunday 19 November 2017 11am - 7.30pm

 at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

Further details: Migrant Lives Matter

New Dhaba display
Community life for the Ayuujk Ja’ay, Oaxaca, Mexico

MixesBetween October 2013 and September 2014, Carmen Leon Himmelstein lived with the Ayuujk ja'ay, or Mixes, in the north east mountains of the south of Oaxaca, Mexico, as part of her doctoral fieldwork looking at the links between social protection and migration.

One of the towns that she visited was Tamazulapam del Espiritu Santo (Tama) located 2,040 metres above sea level. There she met the photographer Conrado Pérez Rosas, himself from Tama, and his pictures here give some idea of the magic of this place.

Read more: Community life for the Ayuujk Ja’ay, Oaxaca, Mexico

Global Horizons
New inter-disciplinary journal produced by Global Studies students at Sussex

Global HorizonsThis journal is a space of representation and recognition, demonstrating to students and non-students alike the exemplar works that are produced by undergraduate Global Studies students at the University of Sussex. The journal is inter-disciplinary by the nature of its diverse contributors, reflecting the pedagogical and methodological approach the School of Global Studies adopts more generally. Through compiling papers that deal with pressing global issues in such a way, we seek to generate and disseminate knowledge and understanding that can make a difference, for a fairer, safer, more sustainable and more inclusive world.

Read the journal: Global Horizons

A global hub at the heart of Sussex University

A global hub at the heart of Sussex University, the School of Global Studies addresses the most pressing global issues of our times – global inequalities and global justice, climate and environmental change, war and peace, global health and finance crises, intolerance and discrimination.

The University of Sussex was ranked first in the world for development studies and we are in the world’s top 100 universities for all four disciplines in the School of Global Studies (QS University Rankings 2017).

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