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Orthographic Databases and Lexicons

Ninth International Workshop on Writing Systems and Literacy
Brighton, UK, September 4th-5th 2014, University of Sussex

This workshop is the ninth in a series of international meetings devoted to the issue of writing systems. Earlier themes included ‘What Spelling Changes’ (1997), ‘Writing Language’ (2000), ‘From Letter to Sound’ (2002), ‘Mapping graphemes onto phonemes’ (2004), ‘Constraints on Spelling Changes’ (2006), ‘Typology of Writing Systems’ (2008), ‘Units of Language - Units of Writing’ (2010) and ‘The Architecture of Writing Systems’ (2012). Previous meetings were held in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), Cologne (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium) and Braunschweig (Germany).

This ninth workshop will take place in Brighton (UK).

The writing systems workshops have offered a forum for discussion between researchers from a range of different countries and linguistic backgrounds, working in a variety of fields of writing research such as theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics and language education.

The focus of this 9th workshop is the use of databases and lexicons. Especially welcome are contributions on the following questions:

  • What kind of orthographic information is available in databases?
  • In what ways can mono- and crosslingual information be incorporated?
  • To what extent can rule-based information be employed in lexicons and/or databases?
  • How can the relationship between orthography and phonology be represented in databases/lexicons?
  • What practical purposes (e.g. computational, pedagogic, lexicographic) can be served by databases/lexicons?

INVITED SPEAKER: Viorica Marian (Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University).


Provisional Programme

Orthographic Databases & Lexicons Programme 4-5th September 2014





PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Lynne Cahill (School of English, University of Sussex), Anneke Neijt (Dutch Department, University of Nijmegen), Beatrice Primus (German Department, University of Cologne), Terry Joyce (Tama University, Tokyo).



PARTICIPATION: Anyone who wishes to attend the workshop must register. Payment for registration will be accepted in cash on arrival, but
indication of intention to do this must be sent by email to Abstracts will be sent out electronically to
everyone who registers.