Archive Spring 2019


Week One -  4th February - 10th February

English Colloquium

co-sponsored by the CEMMS Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies and Centre for American Studies

Katherine Ibbett, University of Oxford

Surface Writing: On the Seventeenth-Century Saint Lawrence River

Introduced by Nicole Mennell

Wednesday, 6 February 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

Week Two - 11th February - 17th February

Sussex Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Seminar
Spring Term Events

 5 p.m., Arts B B217

12 February
Sara Lyons (University of Kent)

‘Thomas Hardy and the Value of Brains’


The Annual Shakespeare Lecture

English Colloquium
co-sponsored by Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies

Emma Whipday, University of Newcastle

‘You see my sister’s yet at my dispose’: Brothers and Sisters on the Early Modern Stage

Introduced by Tom Collins

13 February 2019
5-7 pm Jubilee 144

Week Three - 18th February - 24th February

The American Studies Playlist: Songs Every Americanist Should Know

Tuesday, 19 February 2019 4-6pm Fulton 202

English Colloquium

Christine Okoth, University of Warwick

Extraction Then and Now: Integrating Contemporary Black Literature

20 February 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

Week 3 | Wednesday 20 February, 2pm-9pm | ACCA

The Fine Art of Performance: Living Legacies of the 1970s Art School

a one-day event organised by Gavin Butt and Dave Stephens


Pragmatics and Literature: A study day at the University of Sussex

February 22nd 2019

13.00-17.00 pm The Meeting House - University of Sussex 

The event is free of charge but you need to register. Please contact Charlotte Taylor (Charlotte.Taylor@sussex.ac.uk) or Roberta Piazza (r.piazza@sussex.ac.uk)

Week Four - 25th February - 3rd March

Mon. 25 Feb. – work in progress
Flora Dennis, Nicole Mennell, Joanne Paul. 12.30 – B217

Queer Studies Reading Group.
Readings TBA.
Arts B217

Mon 25th February, 5-6:30 pm

Special Guest Seminar, sponsored by the English Colloquium, the Sussex Humanities Lab, and the Centre for Modernist Studies Psychoanalysis Reading Group

Lydia Liu, Columbia University

Reading to prepare: Lydia Liu, “The Cybernetic Unconscious,” from The Freudian Robot (available as an e-book through the university library)

Tuesday, 26 February
Arts B274

Professor Liu will also be available for one-on-one and small group meetings by appointment.

English Colloquium
co-sponsored by the Sussex Humanities Lab

Lydia Liu, Columbia University

The Uncanny in the Digital Machine

Introduced by Emilia Halton-Hernandez

27 February 2019
Sussex Humanities Lab - Silverstone Building

Week Five - 4th March - 10th March

 Sussex Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Seminar

Spring Term Events

 5 p.m., Arts B B217

5 March - co-hosted by the Centre for American Studies

Ed Sugden (King’s College London)

‘The Beyonds and Unreals of the Nineteenth Century’

English Colloquium

co-sponsored by the American Studies Research Seminar and the Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

Shital Pravinchandra, Queen Mary’s, University of London

Colonizing the Future, Salvaging the Past: Sherman Alexie’s Biomedical Fictions

6 March 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

American Studies

Sarah Dunstan, University of Sussex

“‘A New Fascism, the American Brand’: Anti-Imperialist Struggles in the French Union and the African diaspora, 1945-1955”

Thursday, 7 March 2019, 4-6pm Arts A108

co-sponsored by History WIPs


Thurs 7 March 3pm FUL-104

Evan Hazenberg
Language variation and social meaning: Gender and sexuality in sociolinguistics

co-sponsored with the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence


Friday 8 March 1pm room TBD

Prof. Andrew Nevins (UCL)
The phonology of handshape in an emerging sign language

Week Six - 11th March - 17th March


Wednesday 13 March
1pm Jubilee 118

Dr Pia Pichler (Goldsmiths)

'I was trying to do the P Diddy step': Conversational humour, verbal duelling and culture concepts as resources for the construction of authentic black hip hop masculinities

 English Colloquium

co-sponsored by the Sussex Humanities Lab and the Centre for Creative and Critical Writing

Joseph Walton, University of Sussex

Science Fiction and the Future of Political Economy

Introduced by Maisie Ridgway

13 March 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144


Week 6 | Wednesday 13 March, 5pm | Creativity Zone, Pevensey III                     

Christof Migone (Western University, Ontario)

Talk Tongue’

(co-hosted with Music and supported by CRCPA)

Wed. 13 March
staged reading of  James Shirley's The Politician 

5pm - Attenborough Centre for the Arts (Tower)

Queer Studies Reading Group
Thurs 14th March, 5-6:30 pm 

Readings TBA.

Arts B217 

Week Seven - 18th March - 24th March

American Studies

Yehuda Sharim, University of California, Merced, dir.,  Seeds of All Things film screening

Monday, 18 March 2019 6-8 pm Arts A01 Lecture Theatre

co-sponsored by Film and the Sussex Centre for Migration Research

a Sussex One World Week event

American Studies

Yehuda Sharim, University of California, Merced, Documenting Migrant Lives: A Filmmaking Masterclass

Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 5-7pm Fulton A

American Studies Research Seminar, co-sponsored by Film and the Sussex Centre for Migration Research

a Sussex One World Week event

English Colloquium

Decolonise English: A Faculty Research Roundtable

theme selected by student vote

20 March 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144


Week 7 | Thursday 21 March, 5pm | Gardner Tower, ACCA

Prarthana Purkayastha (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Decolonizing Human Exhibits: dance, re-enactment and historical fiction 

"Embodied Movement for Social Change"
Workshop with Camille Barton
March 21st  6-9pm


Collaboration with Performing Borders. 

This event is free but registration in advance will be required.  Further details will be avaialble closer to the event.

Week Eight - 25th March - 31st March
Tuesday March 26

Hi Zero #69 Contemporary Poetry Readin

The Hope & Ruin

11-12 Queens Road, BN13 Brighton


English Colloquium

co-sponsored by the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Studies Working Group

Robbie Richardson, University of Kent

‘Money speaks sense in a Language all Nations understand’: Wampum in Eighteenth-Century Britain

27 March 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

American Studies

Adia Benton, Northwestern University, “Ebola, Epidemic Projections and the Politics of Reckoning”

Thursday, 28 March 2019, 4-6pm Arts C333

co-sponsored by the Sussex Africa Centre

You are warmly invited to come to see TrumpWatchLive next Thursday 28th March, a pop-up American Studies  event!


TrumpWatchLive is a live recording of Sussex University podcast TrumpWatchSussex in the lovely ACCA building.

Come and be the audience for a panel of Americanists, journalists and students and ask a question. The event is recorded for TrumpWatchSussex


Email a question about the effects of Trump on the US and the world to Doug Haynes d.e.haynes@sussex.ac.uk and we'll ask the panel what they think.

Event begins with FREE drinks in the ACCA bar at 6pm, a presentation on why we study the US and then the podcast 7-8pm.

The Centre for Creative and Critical Thought warmly invites you to a symposium:

Lit/Ext: Literature, Climate Change and the End of the World

Sarah Wood (editor of Angelaki and the Oxford Literary Review), ‘The Game is Up'
Nicholas Royle, ‘Protective Mimicry: Reflections on the Novel Today’
Roundtable with Michael Jonik, John Masterson, Nicholas Royle and Sarah Wood

Friday 29 March 2019, 4:30-7 p.m.
Arts B 274
All are welcome


Week Nine - 1st April - 7th April

Monday 1st April
Tom Kowalczyck (Sussex)
‘‘In Sight of the World’? Writing Diplomatic Authority in 1590s Istanbul’.
5pm – B274

Sussex Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Seminar
Spring Term Events

5 p.m., Arts B B217

2 April - co-hosted by the Centre for American Studies

Mike Collins (King’s College London)

"The Infernal Intellect of Mark Twain: No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger”

English Colloquium
co-sponsored by Sussex Performance Events and Research [SPEAR] and the American Studies Research Seminar

Arabella Stanger, University of Sussex

Choreographing White Ideality at Black Mountain College

Introduced by Ashley Barr

3 April 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

ROLLS Research on Languages and Linguistics at Sussex Seminar Series

Wednesday 3 April 2019 1.00-2.30 pm Jubilee 118

Dr Justyna Robinson (ELL, Sussex)
Dr Julie Weeds (Engineering, Sussex)
Prof Tim Hitchcock (HAHP, Sussex)

Do men and women understand the same concepts differently?
A view from the 19th century London courtroom

American Studies

Christienna Fryar, University of Liverpool

“Fears of Jim Crow: British Sovereignty, American Expansionism, and the 1907 Kingston Earthquake”

Thursday, 4 April 2019, 4-6 pm Arts A108

co-sponsored by History WIP

Thurs 4th April
5-6:30 pm
Queer Studies Reading Group
Readings TBA. Arts B217 

Week Ten - 8th April - 14th April [Teaching and Easter Break 15th April to 28th April]

English Colloquium
co-sponsored by the Centre for Creative and Critical Writing

Joseph Luna, University of Surrey

Sketch for a Financial Theory of the Poem

Introduced by Mitchel Pass

10 April 2019
5-7pm Jubilee 144

April 10th
English Language and Linguistics Postgraduate Conference

(details to be confirmed later)

Week Eleven - 29th April 5th May

Monday 29th April
Matthew Champion (Birkbeck)

Dove-Medcalf lecture

'The Shifting Sounds of Time: Europe, 1321–1600'
6pm – B274

Sex Diss Doctoral Network Workshop with Prof Petra Doan at the University of Sussex
(this event is only open to PhD students)

Tues 30th April

Details on this Doctoral Network event will be sent to doctoral students.

Week Twelve -  6th May - 12th May


Creative space and Homelessness:

Listening to the Unheard Voices of the Unhoused


May 7th 2019 17.00-19.00 in the Social Space


I get up,

I get up.

Still breathing, 

I get up.


Poem – First Base Participants

This presentation is the result of a series of HEIF-funded creative workshops held at First Base Day Centre for the Homeless or Unhoused in Brighton & Hove in Summer and Autumn 2018.

The workshops were led by theatre-maker and facilitator Emma Higham, and included writing, drawing, film-making and performance. Participants were offered an opportunity to express their voice and opinions, and enabled a group who sleep rough and tend to concentrate mostly on quotidian survival matters to express themselves creatively. The topic chosen by the participants was The City and through this stimulus, First Base clients reflected on their life and selfhood.

The outcome of these activities at First Base was a series of filmed diaries of the group’s sessions and a final short film summarising their experiences (produced by Emma Higham and RBD Design). The film is accompanied by the ethnographic observations of an observer and participant, Roberta Piazza.


‘The project offered me a new avenue of hope in the future.’ First Base Participant

Centre for Modernist Studies

‘May Sinclair's Manuscript Drafts and the Difficulties of Scholarly Editing’

Rebecca Bowler (Keele) and Claire Drewery (Sheffield Hallam)

 Wednesday 8th May 2019, 10am-12pm

Room 4, The Language Learning Centre, Arts A


The Centre for Modernist Studies is delighted to announce the first of a number of workshops opening up the treasure trove of modernist archives held in the University of Sussex Special Collections at the Keep.

 This talk and interactive workshop will explore the archive of May Sinclair (1863-1946). Modernist novelist, short story writer, philosopher and psychoanalytic theorist, May Sinclair was the first to use the phrase ‘stream of consciousness’ to describe modernist writing, she wrote pamphlets for the suffrage movement, promoted the poetry of T. S. Eliot, H. D., and Richard Aldington, was on the board of one of the first psychotherapeutic clinics in Britain, and also went to Belgium with an ambulance unit at the beginning of the First World War.

The workshop will be of interest to anybody with an interest in modernist writing, archives, scholarly editing, and to anyone who simply wants to learn more about the archives housed at the Keep. Everyone is welcome!

The workshop will be led by Rebecca Bowler (Keele) and Claire Drewery (Sheffield Hallam), general editors of the new Edinburgh Critical Editions of the Works of May Sinclair. 

 Dr Helen Tyson



Please join us for our next Queory event, featuring Dr. Dhiren Borisa (Leicester University) who will speak about ""Walking Desires, Writing Queer: Readings of the City through Intimacy and Dialogue in Delhi"

Thursday 9 May, 5-7pm in Jubilee G36.
The event is free and all are welcome

Summer Term 2019 Events Advanced Notice



English Colloquium
co-sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence
and the American Studies Research Seminar, in collaboration with King’s College London

Jordy Rosenberg (University of Massachusetts, Amherst
title tbc

28 May 2019
time and location tbc

Dr Roberta Piazza - Talk on 'Gypsies and Travellers' (title tbc) with East Sussex County and Brighton & Hove at the Jubilee Library on June 20th 9-13

Fri. 7 June – London conference, ‘Writing Islam’, Museum of the Order of St. John. TBC

Summer Term | July (date tbc)

Aurora Nova at the Edinburgh Fringe 2001-9: collectivity, impact and legacy

One-day symposium organised by William McEvoy

Women, Money and Markets Conference - June 2019

To celebrate the mid-point of the AHRC funded project, “Small bills and petty finance: co-creating the history of the Old Poor Law”, a joint investigation led by the Universities of Keele and Sussex, this year’s Women, Money and Markets conference theme is ‘Petty Finance’.

The conference will open at 9.00am on Thursday 13th June and close at 6.30pm on Friday 14thJune.  A conference dinner is taking place on Thursday 13th June and will be held at a local restaurant in Brighton. If you wish to attend, please purchase a ticket for the dinner in addition to your conference ticket