Archive Autumn 2018

Week One - 24th-30th September
Hi Zero #63 Contemporary Poetry Readings
25th September 7:30pm
The Hope & Ruin
11-12 Queens Road, BN1 3WA Brighton

American Studies Research Roundtable
4pm BSMS 2.10

25th September


Augusto Corrieri (University of Sussex)

Week Two - 1st-7th October

English Colloquium

Tuesday  2 October 2018            

Benjamin Kahan, Louisiana State University,
Sheiks, Sweetbacks, and Harlem Renaissance Sexuality, or The Chauncey Thesis at Twenty-Five

4pm Shawcross Building AS 1

Co-sponsored by the Centres for the Study of Sexual Dissidence, Modernism, and American Studies

All talks from 1:00 to 2:30 on Wednesdays except as noted
Wednesday 3 October

Dr Tam Blaxter
Dialectological apples and oranges: Exploring change between the Survey of English Dialects and the English Dialects App

Jubilee 118 at 1:00pm

English Graduate Seminar
Thursday 4th October, 4-6pm
English Social Space, Arts B, 274
Matthew McConkey, Sensibility, Psychiatry and the Non-human in the Eighteenth Century

Sex Diss
Friday 5 October 2018 / 3pm-5pm

LGBTQ+ leaders in the anti-fascist fightback: 

A conversation with Luma Nichol

Medical School 2.10

Week Three - 8th-14th October

English Colloquium
Wednesday 10 October 2018     

Dale Turner, Dartmouth College
This Is Not a Peace Pipe: Towards a Critical Indigenous Philosophy

5pm Silverstone 309

CEMMS (Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies)
Monday 8th October 
Rachel Stenner (Sussex)

Upsetting the Applecart: William Baldwin’s Canticles or Balades of Salomon, phraselyke declared in Englysh metres (1547)

5pm, Arts B274
Week Four - 15th-21st October

No Colloquium


 ***Event has moved to 22nd October***

Martin Ingram (Oxford)
Regulating Sex in Shakespearean London

English Social Space, B274, 5-7.30pm


American Studies

Tuesday 16 Oct   

Black History: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable
4pm BSMS 2.10

Wed 17 October 2018:

The Missing List and Life Writing Projects: Quests for truth in the age of truthiness

University of Sussex, 4-5.30pm, Room 155, Jubilee Building

Week Five - 22nd-28th October

English Colloquium w/Centre for Colonial and PostColonial Studies
24 October 2018  5pm in Silverstone 309          

Ana F. Mendes University of Lisbon
Adaptation and Poietic Spreadability: Shakespeare, Rushdie and Taneja

22nd October

Martin Ingram (Oxford)
Regulating Sex in Shakespearean London

English Social Space, B274, 5-7.30pm

Queer Studies Reading Group (Sex Diss)
on Tues 23 Oct from 5-7pm  
Arts B217


1-2:30pm Jubilee 118

24th October
Dr. Bronwen Evans (UCL)
Learning to understand the social life of speech: Effects of language background on accent processing in monolingual
and multilingual children

Week Six - 29th October - 4th November

No English Colloquium 

Hi Zero #64 Contemporary Poetry Readings

Week Seven - 5th-11th November 

English Colloquium w/SPEAR

Thursday 08 Nov 2018          
The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

Witch-Bitches, The Birth (and Never-Ending Resurrection) of Capitalism,
and Pop-Culture’s Desperation for Its Own Exorcism:
Embodying Pop-Monstrosities in Notorious

6pm, Arts A A108

co-sponsored by SPEAR

Centre for Creative and Critical Thought

Creative Writing in Theory
Tuesday 6 November, 6.30-8 p.m.,
Jubilee 143, Geoffrey Bennington (Emory)
(in discussion with Nicholas Royle)

5 November

CEMMS Lunchtime work-in-progress
Duncan Fraser, Zeyneb Maksudoglu, Katie Walter

 Arts B217 12-1:30pm

ROLLS (Rescheduled date)

Research on Languages and Linguistics at Sussex Seminar Series
Dr. Bronwen Evans (UCL)
Learning to understand the social life of speech:
Effects of language background on accent processing in young children.

Wednesday 7 November
1.00-2.30 pm
Jubilee 118

EGS - English Graduate Seminar
Social Space
Arts B274
Thursday 8th Nov

Thomas Collins
The Sherleys and The Shah: Persia in Early Modern England

Week Eight - 12th-18th November

English Colloquium

Wednesday 14 Nov 2018
Maria Roth-Lauret  (Sussex)

Dogwhistle Writing: J. D. Vance and Ta-Nehisi Coates

5pm Silverstone 309

co-sponsored by the Centre for American Studies

S U S S E X  E I G H T E E N T H - A N D - N I N E T E E N T H - C E N T U R Y S E M I N A R
2 0 1 8 / 1 9
T u e s d a y s 5 p . m .
A r t s B B u i l d i n g ,
R o o m B 2 1 7

13 November
Tom Marshall (Queen Mary)
Coleridge's Epoché: Phenomenology and the Suspension of Disbelief


1-2:30pm in Jubilee 118

14th November
Dr. Helen Ringrow (University of Portsmouth)
“Beautiful masterpieces”: Metaphors of the female body
in modest fashion blogs

Sex Diss

Wednesday 14 November, 3-5pm

Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers' Rights

Juno Mac and Molly Smith in conversation with Alison Phipps

Fulton Lecture Theatre A

in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Studies

American Studies

Thursday 15 Nov    
James Cronin (Boston College)

The Roots of the 'Special Relationship’: Shared Cultures, Shared Values, or Common Enemies?

co-sponsored by History Work in Progress
4pm Arts A A108

Week Nine - 19th - 25th November
S U S S E X  E I G H T E E N T H - A N D - N I N E T E E N T H - C E N T U R Y S E M I N A R
2 0 1 8 / 1 9
T u e s d a y s 5 pm 
A r t s B B u i l d i n g 
R o o m B 2 1 7
20 November
New Books Roundtable
Richard Adelman on Idleness and Aesthetic Consciousness, 18151900 (Cambridge, 2018)
Richard Adelman and Catherine Packham on Political Economy, Literature, and the Formation of Knowledge, 17201850(Routledge, 2018)
Hannah Field on Playing with the Book: Victorian Movable Picture Books and the Child Reader (Minnesota, forthcoming 2019)
Michael Jonik on Herman Melville and the Politics of the Inhuman (Cambridge, 2018)

English Colloquium w/ Sex Diss and Modernist Studies

Wednesday 21 Nov 2018       
Emma Heaney (William Paterson University)

The New Woman: Trans Femininity in the Long Twentieth Century

5pm Silverstone 309

EGS - English Graduate Seminar
Social Space Arts B274 4-6pm
Thur 22nd November

Fatmah Alhazmi
(title tbc)


Jason King (NYU)

Down Low Double Life: Notes on R. Kelly, Donald Trump and Toxic Masculinities


Week Ten - 26th November - 2nd December

American Studies w/ROLLS

 Tuesday 27 Nov   
Jack Grieve(University of Birmingham

Tracking Lexical Innovation in American English Online

co-sponsored by ROLLS
 5pm Jubilee 144 

Centre for Creative and Critical Thought

'Novel Reading, Novel Writing: A Conversation’
Tuesday 27 November, 6.30-8 pm
Jubilee 143,

Peter Boxall and Nicholas Royle, 

English Colloquium w/ ROLLS

Wednesday 28 Nov 2018       
Jeannette Littlemore  (Birmingham)

Which Metaphors are Embodied, When and By Whom? Variation in the Lived Experience of Metaphor

5pm Silverstone 309

Week Eleven - 3rd - 9th December

1-2:30 Jubilee 118

5th December
Dr. Erez Levon (Queen Mary, University of London)
Gender, language and credibility: Social and contextual constraints on the evaluation of women’s voice

Centre for Creative and Critical Thought

Daisy Johnson
(author of this year’s Man Booker Prize shortlisted novel, Everything Under),
reading and in conversation with Peter Boxall 

Tuesday 4 December, 6:30-8 pm Fulton B

EGS - English Graduate Seminar
Social Space Arts B274 4-6pm (Followed by end of term party)
6th December

Shalini  Sengupta
(title tbc)

Week Twelve - 10th - 16th December
Monday 10th December English Social Space, B274, 5-7.30pm
Charles Nicholl
Q. & A. about Sir Walter Ralegh’s voyage to discover El Dorado (to mark the 400th anniversary of Ralegh’s execution)

Quick Fictions
Tuesday 11 December, 5-7 pm
The Meeting House

Thursday 13 December 2018

Moon Life Stories: Psychogeography beyond Earth
With James Attlee, Robert Massey, Alexandra Loske and Darren Baskill.

15.00-17.00, Venue: Room 4,
Language Learning Centre, Arts A,

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