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Select from the list below for each week's events during term, including 18th & 19th Century Seminars, Centre for Early Modern & Medieval Studies (CEMMS), American Studies, Research on Language & Linguistics at Sussex (ROLLS), English Graduate Seminar, English Colloquium, Modernist Studies, and Centre for Sexual Dissidence, other conferences, workshops and symposia.

Week One  30 January - 5th February 2017
Monday  30Tuesday 31Wednesday 1Thursday 2Friday 3 
Term Begins

 English Colloquium

Experience and problem-solving
in fiction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
Dorothy L. Sayers and J.K Rowling

Prof Kate McLoughlin (Oxford)
Jubilee G22 5-7pm

Social Space
Arts B274 - 6pm

Eva Holmberg (Helsinki)
Perceiving Levantines:
British Cultural Descriptions
of the Ottoman Empire
and its Non-Muslim Peoples,

EGS4-6pm Social Space

Zurina Khairuddin
Week Two 6 February - 12 February 2017
Monday  6Tuesday  7Wednesday   8Thursday   9Friday  10Saturday 11

1-2pm Jubilee G36

Thomas Devlin (Derby)
Sarah FitzGerald (SOAS) 
Melanie Green (Sussex)

Investigating tone in a spoken
corpus of Cameroon Pidgin

English Colloquium
Jubilee G22 5pm

8 February
Colonial and Postcolonial
Mariangela Palladino (Keele)
“‘Island is no arrival’:
The Contemporary Trans-Mediterranean
Migration in Erri De Luca’s Poetry’ 
  Sex Diss Events

11 February
My Own Private Idaho
(Dreamland Cinema)
Saturday Fabrica, Brighton, 7.30pm
Week Three  13 February - 19 February 2017
Monday  13  Tuesday 14 Wednesday 15Thursday 16  Friday 17

CEMMS/Art History Event

To be announced
Arts A108 6pm


Sex Diss Event

14 February
Patrick Kelly Loves... - Sequoia Barnes (Queory)
Tuesday Jubilee G36
 English Colloquium with C18/C19
Jubilee G22 5pm

15 February
Photography and Visual Culture 
Luisa Calè (Birkbeck)
‘Extra-illustration and Ephemera:
Altered Books, Loose Pieces,
and the Alternative Forms of the
Fugitive Page
American Studies
Research Seminars

Thurs 16 Feb – 4pm – Arts A108
David Sim (UCL)
 'Follow the Money: Junk Bonds,
Nationalism and US Foreign Relations
in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Social Space

Leah Edens
Week Four  20 February - 26 February 2017
Monday 20  Tuesday  21Wednesday 22Thursday 23Friday 24
18th- & 19th-Century English Research
Seminar Series.
 5 pm Arts B B217
Martin Willis (Cardiff)
‘The Case of the Cataleptic Patient:
Fictions of Sleep and Trance, 1850-1900’.


CEMMS event English Social Space (B274)
on 21 Feb. at 6pm

Suzanne Scholz (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
Donne’s Elegy ‚His Picture‘ and the
Exchange of Portrait Miniatures in Elizabethan Culture'.

All welcome and usual array of
drinks and snacks provided 

1-2pm Jubilee G36

Gerlinde Mautner (Vienna)

UK Supreme Court Judgements:
A corpus-based genre analysis


English Colloquium
Jubilee G22 5pm

22 February
Life History and Life Writing Research
with Mass Observation Archive
‘The Public Life of the Private Diary’
Sally Bayley,
author of The Private Life of the Diary:
From Pepys to Tweets,

and Alexander Masters,
author of A Life Discarded:
148 Diaries Found in a Skip


Week Five  27th February - 5th March 2017
Monday 27 Tuesday 28Wednesday 1Thursday 2Friday 3
Dove Medcalf Lecture
Jubilee 118

Nicola McDonald

(University of York)

 ‘The Wonder of
Middle English
English Colloquium with CEMMS
Note location and time, changed from previously advertised
Jubilee G22 **5pm

Helen Moore (Oxford)
‘‘Rich tissue:
the materials of death in

EGS 4-6pm
Social Space

Joseph Luna
Week Six  6 March - 12 March 2017
Monday 6 Tuesday  7Wednesday 8Thursday  9Friday 10
Centre for American Studies

Poet Simon Pettet

4pm , Arts A155

More information
American Studies
Research Seminars

Tues 7 March  4pm
Jubilee G35

Roundtable on contemporary
African-American fiction
with Natalia Cecire (Sussex);
Maria Lauret (Sussex);
Tom Wright (Sussex)

1-2pm Jubilee G36

Alison Wray (Cardiff)
Conceptualising language and
communication in the context of dementia


English Colloquium
Jubilee G22 5pm

8 March
Modernist Studies
Hope Wolf (Sussex)
‘The Making of Sussex Modernism’

Week Seven 13 March - 19 March 2017
Monday  13 Tuesday 14Wednesday 15Thursday 16 Friday  17
American Studies
Research Seminars

Tues 14 March  4pm 
Arts A108

Emma Doubt, (Sussex)
 ‘Gender, Race, and Transculturation
in the Portraiture and Material Culture
of the Cherokee Nation's
'First Family', 1843-1902’

Arts B274 6pm

Ben Fowler (Sussex)
‘Shakespeare Schaubühne Style:
Disinterring Dukes, Danes,
and Bunchback’d Toads’


18th- & 19th-Century English Research 
Seminar Series.
 5 pm Arts B B217

Nan Da (Notre Dame)
‘Intransitive Encounter:
China and the US's Form Before Literary Exchange’.

1-2pm Jubilee G36

Louise Sylvester (Westminster)

Technical language in the medieval


English Colloquium
Silverstone 121 5pm *Note venue change*

15 March
Creative and Critical with Modernist Studies
Iain Sinclair,
author of

Lights Out for the Territory, Downriver,
and Ghost Milk

Marine Court Rendezvous:
Concrete Modernism in St Leonards-on-Sea
and the Colonisation of the World's Oceans
by Cruise Liners’ 


Sex Diss Event
15 March
Orlando (Dreamland Cinema)
Wednesday Fabrica, Brighton, 7.30pm
 EGS 4-6pm
Social Space
B274Emily Jessica Turner
Week Eight  20 March - 26 March 2017
Monday 20 Tuesday 21Wednesday 22Thursday  23Friday  24
 SICK! Festival events this week required see web site for details Monday 20th, 4.15pm - Thomas DeFrantz, I am Black (You have to Be Willing Not to Know), a lecture/performance, in the Debating Chamber (Falmer House). This is followed by ‘On the Couch’: Visible and Invisible Identities at 5.30pm - a discussion about visibility, categories of identity, with Thomas, Jaamil, Yaa Asare (Brighton Uni) and Vacuum Cleaner (performer/activist). 

Koen De Preter & Theatre Stap - To BelongLocation: ACCA Auditorium

 It’s tonight at 9pm, Jason Price will be hosting the post-show discussion.  Tickets through the web site. 

Sex Diss Event

22 March
A Willesden Song-Cycle - Magid El-Bushra
The Marlborough Pub, Brighton, 7.30pm

No Colloquium


SICK! FestivalWednesday 22nd, 9.15pm - #negrophobia in the Creativity Zone with post-show discussion between Sara Jane Bailes (Sussex), Jaamil and Madison Moore (King’s).  

New venue***
Jubilee 144

Emma Smith (Oxford)
Annual Shakespeare Lecture

‘‘Exit pursued by a bear’ (again):
reading Shakespeare’s
stage direction’.


Thursday 23rd, 5-7pm – Creativity Zone

‘White State/Black Mind’
 an informal/roundtable talk and discussion between Sara Jane and other Sussex Drama faculty, Jaamil and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste (sound designer for #negrophobia). Jeremy’s work on this piece was nominated for a Bessie Award last year in the in the category Outstanding Sound Design category. This event is FREE!!!

Sex Diss Event

24 March
A Willesden Song-Cycle - Magid El-Bushra
The Marlborough Pub, Brighton, 7.30pm
Week Nine  27 March - 2 April 2017
Monday 27Tuesday 28Wednesday 29Thursday 30Friday  31Saturday 1 
18th- & 19th-Century English Research 
Seminar Series.
5 pm Arts B B217

Sharon Ruston (Lancaster)
‘Humphry Davy:
Patents, Priority and Poetry’

 English Colloquium
Jubilee G22 5pm

Colonial and Postcolonial
John McLeod (Leeds)

‘Writing Transcultural Adoption’ 
Sex Diss Event
30 March
A Willesden Song-Cycle - Magid El-Bushra (Co-Event)
The Marlborough Pub, Brighton (Plus Q&A), 7.30pm
American Studies

Artist Jim DineFulton 104  4pm
__________EGS 4-6pm
Social Space

Ross Owens
Week Ten  3 April 9th April (Spring and Easter Break 8th April to 23rd of April)
Monday 3Tuesday 4Wednesday 5Thursday  6Friday 7
Arts B274

Per Sivefors (Linmnaeus),
‘Representing Manhood in
Tudor and Stuart Verse Satire’.


English Colloquium

Jubilee G22 5pm

American Studies
Rachel Malkin (Oxford)

‘The Limits of Joy (via Wallace Stevens)’ 

***The event is taking place on 5th April. News of postponement was in error. 

'Pop! Goes the Artschool:  Radical Pedagogy and Creative Experiment in Post-Punk LeedsLecture by Prof Gavin Butt The Rose Hill  - 6pm.
70-71 Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton 
Week Eleven  24 April - 30 April 2017 
 Monday  24Tuesday 25Wednesday  26Thursday 27Friday  28

American Studies
Research Seminars

Tues 25 April5pm –Jubilee G35
Pascale Baker (UC Dublin)
on Chicano/a Bandits
1-2pm Jubilee G36

Tim Hitchcock (Sussex)

Hearing voices in an 18th century
courtroom: Sound, space 
and experience at
The Old Bailey.


English Colloquium
Jubilee G22 5pm

26 April
Sex Diss with Drama
Gavin Butt (Sussex)
‘Anti-Gravitas: The Politics of Queer Levity’ 


David Jones: Engraver, Soldier, Painter Poet 
Wednesday 26 April 2017 @ 6.30
Fulton A Lecture Theatre, Fulton Building,
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton

A rare opportunity to listen to
Thomas Dilworth discuss the
gifted character at the heart of his long awaited biography,
published by Jonathan Cape.
This event is free but with limited capacity, so to reserve your place please visit
 EGS 4-6pm
Social Space

Harriet Barratt Dorling

'Extending the Body: Medical Objects and Modernist Patients'

Week Twelve 1 May - 7 May 2017
Monday  1 Tuesday 2Wednesday 3Thursday 4Friday  5
  The Emotional Nature of the
 Number of Inches Between:
Body Language,Sexuality, and
Affectual Transfer in Scott Burton's
Behavior Tableaux of the 1970s  

David Getsy (Art Institute Chicago)
4-6pm, Silverstone 309
English Colloquium
Jubilee 115 -  5pm NOTE new venue

American Studies

‘Black Flesh and the Afrodiaspora’

Rizvana Bradley (Yale)
Black Abolitionists in Victorian Britain -American Studies event -Thursday - May 4th - 6pm - Jubilee 144. 
Advance Notice of Summer 2017 Events
MayJuneJuly2018  2019 
 'Reading and its Objects'  8-9 May in the Fulton Building
(Fulton B for keynotes and 104 for panels)