Department of Engineering and Design

Student Society: Wind Powered Vehicle Team

One of the most exciting projects in our department is the Power Storm project. We are developing a wind-powered vehicle to compete in the Aeolus international Competition. Competing with teams from around the world in several different races to test aspects of the vehicles design.

Last year our Team finished fifth overall in the competition and achieved a third place in the drag race. Also setting a personal record of the car travelling at 65% of wind speed at a top speed of 14 mph and generated over 5 kW.

The maximum power the turbine can generate is 12 kW or 16 horsepower. The weight of the car is 135 kg, one of the lightest in the competition. And we have ambitious goals for next year's competition.

Team Goals for 2019 Race

  • Attending the Racing Aeolus competition in Holland next August.
  • Run at 100% of the wind speed.
  • Become first in the competitions drag race.
  • Fostering our international relationship with other teams.

This is how we aim to achieve those goals

  • Design an innovative in-operation turbine blade auto-pitch mechanism.
  • We are promoting the Widening Participation in Engineering and other STEM subjects to local young people.
  • A test site with local company at Shore-Port.


Power Storm Car is shown racing wiht a student doing a back flip on the background















Click here to access the rules and the Aeolus website