Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)


Educational research clearly shows the benefits of schools and universities working together to generate knowledge through research. The British Educational Research Association and Royal Society of Arts' report (2014) describes how engaging teachers in researching their own classrooms is a particularly powerful way of improving teaching, learning and pupil attainment.

CTLR and the Department of Education at the University of Sussex is part of an inovative partnership with seven local schools. The Sussex Research Network engages schools in researching their own practice, learning from research, and engaging in large-scale research projects with university-based colleagues.

The partnership hosts events, such as the 6th Annual Teacher Research Conference which, this year, took place on Saturday 17 June, 2017 in Fulton building at the University of Sussex. This innovative conference is designed for teachers and education practitioners to share the latest research conducted locally by members of our Sussex Research Network, exploring implications for practice, policy and theory.

This year, the keynote speakers were Professor Michael Fielding, University College, London and Professor John Pryor, University of Sussex, in dialogue with each other and delegates on the themes of student voice, radical/democratic education, formative assessment and dialogic pedagogies.

Conference themes included:

  • Innovative pedagogy and assessment in primary and secondary contexts
  • Diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • Listening to voices, readers and writers
  • Enhancing transition from KS2-3
  • Approaches to improving learning in STEM and other subjects