Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)


Challenging the idea of an exclusive emphasis on children’s conformity within schools.

In December 2018, CTLR and CIRCY hosted an event to launch TRANSFORM-iN EDUCATION. Led by Dr Rebecca Webb and Dr Perpetua Kirby and informed by their doctoral research, this initiative aims to generate conversations and activities between interested stakeholders in UK schools around the questions:  

  • How can we enable children to do more than study existing knowledge?
  • What can be done to enable students and their teachers to creatively disrupt the ‘taken-for-granted’ to promote transformation in classrooms and schools?

The launch event brought together of a wide audience of teachers, researchers, grand/parents and children to listen to - and then join in with - conversations and activities about what might be done. 

Invited speakers included Professor Saul Becker, former headteacher and education consultant, Marcelo Staricoff (author of The Joy of Not Knowing, a model for equipping children with life-long learning skills) and Mariam Ahmed Toor, an Education MA student at the University of Sussex, who  gave a personal perspective of the ways in which she felt her own schooling had focussed too overtly on ‘certainty’.

Perpetua and Rebecca briefly introduced the subject of their forthcoming paper ‘Modelling Transformative Education’ which outlines three models of education: mastering knowledge;  discovering knowledge; and not knowing.  Crucially, they assert that the third model is the one that is currently least prevalent within classrooms and most deserving of attention.

Since the launch, Perpetua and Rebecca have been interviewed about this project by Sarah Gorrell on BBC Radio Sussex.

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