Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)

Seminar archive 2017/18

Date: Wednesday 28 March, 2018
Time: 12-1.30pm
Venue: Room 243, Bramber House
Speaker: Alvin Bird, Professor of Economics Education and Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Bristol

Co-creating the Curriculum: A case study from Bristol

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Date: Monday 19 March, 2018
Time: 12-1.30pm
Venue: Room G22, Jubilee
Speaker: Dr Silvia Morelli, Professor and Research Chair in Curriulum and Didactics, School of Educational Sciences, National University of Rosario, Argentina

Curriculum, Teaching and Interdisciplinarity

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PRESENTATION - Curriculum, Teaching and Interdisciplinarity [PDF 797.37KB]


Date: Saturday 3 March, 2018
Time: 9.15am-1pm
Venue: Fulton Building, University of Sussex
Keynote Speaker: Dr Carla Solvason, University of Worcester

Early Years Research Conference 2018

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Early Years Research Conference 2018_programme [PDF 107.83KB]


Date: Wednesday 7 February, 2018
Time: 11am-1pm
Venue: Room 071, Arts A
Speaker: Dr Rebecca Webb (Lecturer in Education) & Perpetua Kirby (doctoral researcher)

In Conversation Together: On schooling and values

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Seminar Presentation: RiP Seminar Presentation: 7feb2018 [PPTX 4.60MB]


Date: Thursday 1 February, 2018
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Room G22, Jubilee
Speakers: Dr Matti Rautiainen & Dr Anna Veijola, University of Jyväskylä

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Teaching in Finland!

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PRESENTATION - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Teaching in Finland [PPTX 4.73MB]


Date: 29 January 2018
Time: 3.30-5pm
Venue: Varndean School, Balfour Road, Brighton, BN1 6NP
Speakers: Dr Ally Daubney & Duncan Mackrill, University of Sussex

Is Music in the Curriculum Facing Extinction? Mapping music education provision in English secondary schools 2012-2016/17

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PRESENTATION - Is Music in the Curriculum Facing Extinction? [PDF 845.54KB]

SUMMARY - Changes in Secondary Music Curriculum Provision: 2012-16 [PDF 136.15KB]

Media coverage on BBC Sussex (Sussex Breakfast News with Neil Pringle) - feature + interview with Ally starts at 1hr 51mins 08 secs / 1hr 55mins 10 secs. 

Is Music in the curriculum facing extinction?: 29 Jan 2018


Date: 6 November 2017
Time: 4.30-6pm  
Venue: Room 203, Fulton  
Speaker: Dr Mariam Attia, Lecturer in Education, University of Sussex

Teacher Education in a Context of Occupation and Siege: The case of Gaza

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