Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)

Seminar archive 2016/17

Date: 29 June 2017      
Time: 1-5pm      
Venue: University of Sussex     
Speakers: Presentations from Sussex researchers + Simon Smith, Brighton-based winner of the 2011 Erica Award for his outstanding contribution to helping others understand what it is like to experience autism

Title: Developing Inclusion in our Schools and Colleges

Promo: Developing Inclusion: 29june2017 [PDF 265.98KB]  

An workshop sharing research, good practice and ideas about taking the inclusion agenda forward in our schools.

Teachers, parents, teaching assistants, SENCOs, and other related education professionals from primary, secondary and further education settings were invited to share ideas and experiences of inclusion with education researchers at Sussex.

A range of workshops covered themes such as:

  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • SEND for teacher training
  • Social aspects of learning
  • Positive approaches to behaviour


Date: 17 June 2017     
Time: 9am-1.30pm     
Venue: Fulton Building, University of Sussex     
Keynote speakers: Professor Michael Fielding, University College, London & Professor John Pryor, University of Sussex

Title: 6th Annual Teacher Researcher Conference 2017

Join us at the University of Sussex on Saturday 17 June for the free-to-attend 6th Annual Teacher Researcher Conference 2017 (coffee and registration 9.00-9.30am in the Fulton foyer). Teacher researchers on the Education MA will share their fascinating dissertation findings with teachers and educationists, exploring implications for practice, policy and theory. This event presents a great chance to network and exchange ideas with colleagues over a sandwich lunch, too!

Inspired by interactive formats in the Brighton festival, keynote speakers Professor Michael Fielding and Professor John Pryor will be in dialogue with delegates and each other on the themes of student voice, radical/democratic education, formative assessment and dialogic pedagogies.

Conference themes include

  • Innovative pedagogy and assessment in primary and secondary contexts
  • Approaches to improving learning in STEM and other subjects
  • Diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • Listening to voices, readers and writers
  • Enhancing transition from KS2-KS3

Please share conference details with school colleagues.

Promo: Teacher Researcher Conference 2017: promo poster [PDF 172.71KB] 


Date: 13 June 2017    
Time: 4.30-6pm    
Venue: Room 104, Fulton     
Speakers: Professor Brian Hudson, Professor of Education, former Head of the School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex & Board Member of the Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) network

Title: Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice

Seminar Promo: CTLR seminar promo: 13june2017 [PDF 143.77KB]   


Date: 24 April 2017    
Time: 4.30-6pm    
Venue: Room 202, Fulton   
Speakers: Research Into Practice Group

Title: Working The Gap: Innovative explorations of challenging the binary of teaching and research

Seminar Promo: CTLR seminar promo: 24april2017 [PDF 81.89KB]


Date: 6 March 2017   
Time: 4.30-6pm   
Venue: Room 118, Jubilee   
Speakers: Keith Perera, Assistant Headteacher

Title: Poliliteracies: Teaching immigration in the social media age

Seminar Promo: CTLR seminar promo: 6march2017 [PDF 128.68KB]


Date: 7 February 2017   
Time: 5.30-7pm   
Venue: English and Media Centre, 18 Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN      
Speakers: Dr Julia Sutherland, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Sussex

Title: A 'Faster Immersive' Read: Developing the reading comprehension of weaker, adolescent readers

For more details and to reserve a place at this free event, visit the EMC website.


Date: 4 February 2017    
Time: 10.30am-12pm    
Venue: Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE       
Speakers: Dr Sue Lyle, Literacy and Early Years specialist 

Title: Storytelling and the Young Child

Seminar Promo: CTLR seminar promo: 4feb2017 [PDF 80.12KB]  


Date: 3 February 2017    
Time: 9.45am-4pm    
Venue: Various / University of Sussex      
Speakers: Dr Sue Lyle, Literacy and Early Years specialist 


Stories from the Nursery: How our new understanding of young children can inform our practice

Programme Leaflet: Early Years Conference 2017: Programme [PDF 485.17KB]

Presentation: Dr Sue Lyle Keynote Presentation 1: Story, Play and Philosophising with the Young Child [PPTX 6.04MB]


Presentation: Dr Sue Lyle Keynote Presentation 2: Story, Play and Meaning-Making [PPTX 1.04MB] 
NOTE: Most of the images have been removed from this presentation to enable upload


Date: 10 October 2016  
Time: 4.30-6pm  
Venue: Room 104, Fulton   
Speakers: Dr Liz Chesworth, Lecturer in Early Childhood Education & Fiona Scott, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Sheffield

Title: Researching the 'Messiness' of Young Children's Everyday Lives in Home and Classroom Settings

Seminar Promo: CTLR seminar promo: 10oct2016 [PDF 124.48KB]