Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)

Seminar archive 2015/16

Date:         25th April 2016  
Time:        4.30pm   
Venue:      Room 118, Jubilee  
Speakers:   Dr Julia Sutherland & Dr Jo Westbrook, Senior Lecturers, Department of Education, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex

Title:  Fast and furious: Adolescents comprehending challenging texts

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Date:         18th April 2016  
Time:        4.30pm  
Venue:      Room G22, Jubilee 
Speaker:   Dr Sue Lyle, Director of Dialogue Exchange, retired Head of CPD at Swansea Metropolitan University, and blogger

Title:  Narrative, imagination, philosophy and the young child (age 3-6)

Seminar Promo:          CTLR seminar promo: 18april2016 [DOC 189.50KB]     
Seminar Presentation: Sue Lyle: Narrative, imagination, philosophy and the young child [PPTX 9.95MB] 
See also the Dialogue Exchange website 


Date:         7th March 2016  
Time:         4.30pm  
Venue:      Room G22, Jubilee  
Speaker:   Jacqui Shepherd, English Tutor, Department of Education, University of Sussex

Title:  Student voices, visual methods and vulnerability: Young people with autism in transition

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Date:       19th October 2015 
Time:       5.30pm 
Venue:     Room 104, Fulton  
Speaker: Caroline Creaby, Economics and Business Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Title: Using research evidence on the frontline

Seminar Promo:         CTLR seminar promo: 19oct2015 [DOC 142.00KB] 
Seminar Recording:   https://adobeconnect.sussex.ac.uk/p39omp21dz2/