Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)

Seminar archive 2014/15

Date: 11th June 2015
Time: 4-5.30pm
Venue: Room 155, Jubilee
Speaker: Dr Paul Wakeling, Senior Lecturer & Dr Sally Hancock, Research Associate, Department of Education, University of York

Title: Widening access to postgraduate study and the professions

This seminar is hosted jointly by the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER) and CTLR. 

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Date:         Monday 30th March, 2015 
Speaker:   Gillian Hampden-Thompson, Professor of Education, Department of Education, University of Sussex 
Time:         5pm 
Venue:      Room 104, Fulton

Title:  A tale of two trials: A critical reflection of two randomised control trials in education

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Date:         Monday 9th February, 2015 
Speaker:   Dr Judith Harford, Lecturer, School of Education, University College, Dublin + Dr Peter Gray, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Time:         5pm 
Venue:      Room 104, Fulton

Title:  Emerging from somewhere: Student teachers reflect on their professional identity in the mirror of their experience as pupils

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Date:         Monday 6th October, 2014 
Speaker:   Professor Gordon Harold, Director of the Andrew & Virginia Rudd research centre, Department of Psychology, University of Sussex 
Time:         5pm 
Venue:      Room 104, Fulton

Title:  Does Parenting Really Matter? Family relationship influences on children (including school attainment)

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CTLR Open Research Seminar: 6 October 2014