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Seminar archive 2013/14

Date:         Monday 14th July, 2014 
Keynote:   Professor Alan Dyson, Centre for Equity in Education, University of Manchester
Time:         8.50am-3.45pm
Venue:      Conference Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex

Title:    What Works? Developing evidence-based approaches to the Pupil Premium

Poster:              What Works? Developing evidence-based approaches to the Pupil Premium [PPTX 142.48KB]
Programme: What Works? [DOCX 104.77KB]   
Presentations: Pupil Premium and 'what works': Alan Dyson [PPTX 958.02KB]
                          What research suggests is the most effective use of the Pupil Premium [PPTX 414.70KB]
                          Professor Judy Sebba
                          Using the Pupil Premium to reduce inequalities in school exclusion [PPTX 185.17KB]
                          Louise Gazeley & Tish Marrable
                          Speak Out! Preliminary findings from an evaluation at Patcham High School [PPTX 920.17KB]
                          Julia Sutherland, Mark Warner & Jo Byrne
                          Maximising support for learning: Edwina Slater [PPTX 148.01KB]
                          Promoting engagement and resilience: Alison Daubney & Katy Wood [PPTX 18.44MB]
                          How schools support pupils at risk of exclusion: Andrew Kingstone [PPTX 472.90KB]

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Date:         Saturday 21st June, 2014 Teacher Research Conference 2014: promo poster
Keynote:   Philippa Cordingley, Chief Executive, CUREE
Time:         9.45am-1.30pm
Venue:      2nd Floor, Bramber House, University of Sussex

Title:    Teacher Research Conference 2014:

'Making research work for teachers, students, leaders and the system - the surprisingly consistent evidence about the contribution of research to learning'

Poster:          Teacher Research Conference 2014: promo poster [PDF 201.27KB]


Date:        Monday 10th March, 2014 
Speaker:  Ileana Jiménez, founder, Feminist Teacher, teacher at Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School, New York
Time:       5pm 
Venue:     Room 104, Fulton 

Title:    Launching a Feminist Movement in Schools

Seminar Promo:         CTLR Seminar Promo: 10march14 [DOC 142.50KB]
Seminar Recording:


Date:         Monday 3rd March 2014
Speaker:   Professor Melanie Nind, Education School, University of Southampton
Time:         5pm
Venue:      Room 104, Fulton

Title:    Moving towards inclusive education: Can inclusive research help?

Seminar Promo:        CTLR Seminar Promo: 3mar14 [DOC 141.50KB]    


Date:         Monday 10th February 2014
Speakers: Dr Louise Gazeley & Dr Tish Marrable, Lecturers, University of Sussex + Dr Chris Brown, Research Fellow, IoE
Time:        5pm
Venue:      Room 104, Fulton

Title:    What can schools do to reduce exclusion? Insights into good practice

Seminar Promo:        CTLR Seminar Promo: 10feb14 [DOC 141.50KB]      


Date:         Monday 10th February 2014
Time:        3-4pm
Venue:      Room 244, Essex House

Event:  Spring Term Business Meeting


Date:          Monday 28th October 2013
Speaker:  Jenny Moon, Associate Professor, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth Media School, Bournemouth University

Title:          Using Learning Journals

Seminar Promo:   Seminar Series Promo - 28oct2013 [DOC 140.50KB]            

Docs to view/download in advance:  
Jenny Moon Workshop: Using learning journals with students [DOC 152.50KB] 
Jenny Moon Workshop: Reflection in higher education learning [DOCX 162.65KB]
Jenny Moon Workshop: Methods to support research and creative and professional thinking [DOC 65.50KB]

Seminar Recording