Centre for International Education (CIE)


CIE faculty provide bespoke input for a range of different organisations, ranging from short inputs to the design and delivery of training programmes according to objectives specified by organisations wanting to target specific groups.

CIE has training expertise in areas such as research, monitoring and evaluation; education sector political economy and planning EFA; conflict analysis; teacher education and professional development; educational planning and finance; gender awareness and mainstreaming, capacity-building, as well as other practice-related issues.

Examples of training which CIE members have given previously include:

Programme Monitoring and Evaluation for Gender Mainstreaming
Trainer:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  Concern Worldwide, Zomba, Malawi
Dates:  28 October - 10 November 2009

Research and Evidence of School-related Gender Based Violence
Trainer:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  Concern Worldwide, Maputo, Mozambique
Dates:  1 - 8 December 2008

Gender Analysis of Curriculum Materials Workshop
Trainer:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  UNESCO, Islamabad, Pakistan
Dates:  April 2004

Understanding Poverty and Anti-poverty Work in Central America
Trainer:  Ricardo Sabates
Sponsor:  Department for International Development, Managua
Dates:  6 - May 2003