Centre for International Education (CIE)


Teachers and Quality

This theme tackles a range of issues, including the construction and delivery of the curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training, continuing professional development, and the quality and outcomes of the learning experience for pupils.

Governance, Planning and Finance

This theme focuses on the governance of education systems, policy analysis, finance within the national and global context, and the impacts of decentralisation and other macro education reforms on educational growth and equity. It also addresses issues related to asymmetries in donor-recipient relationships, and global approaches to external assistance in diverse contexts.

Access and Equity

The rationale of this research theme is to promote universal educational rights as central to development policy and practice, and to explore these issues in multiple contexts, highlighting key strategies for achieving greater wellbeing and poverty reduction.

Identities: Citizenship, Gender and Youth

This theme focuses on the link between education and society through explorations of the ways that national, ethnic and religious identity, socio-economic status, gender, location, lifestyle and migration intersect and influence educational provision, uptake and exclusion worldwide.

Education, Conflict and Displacement

This theme explores the complex relationship between education and conflict, the role that education systems play prior to the outbreak, during and in the immediate and long-term aftermath of conflict. We also have a special focus on refugee education.