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Date: Tuesday 26 March, 2019
Time: 12-1.30pm
Venue: Room 106, Ashdown House
Speaker: Eva Hartmann, University of Cambridge
Title: New Geographies of Centrality in the  Transnational Higher Education Landscape: Implications for the countries in the South

Date: Tuesday 12 March, 2019
Time: 1-2.30pm
Venue: Room 333, Arts C
Speakers: Professor Mario Novelli, Dr Birgul Kutan & Patrick Kane, Centre for International Education (CIE), University of Sussex
Title: Social Movement Learning and Knowledge Production in the Struggle for Peace with Social Justice

Aziz ChoudryDate: Tuesday 5 March, 2019
Time: 12-1.30pm
Venue: tbc
Speaker: Dr Aziz Choudry, Associate Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Title: Past Struggles, Present Realities, Future Victories? Social movement learning and knowledge production

CIE Faculty: Kwame Akyeampong

Date: Tuesday 23 October, 2018
Time: 11.30am-1pm
Venue: Room 3.07A, BSMS (Medical School)
Speaker: Kwame Akyeampong, Professor of International Education and Development, University of Sussex
Title: The Learning Crisis in Africa: Do Accelerated Learning Programmes offer answers?




Troubling Muslim Youth book coverDate: Thursday 19 October, 2017
Time: 5-7pm
Venue: Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
Speakers: Professor Saul Becker (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Dr Jordan Naidoo (UNESCO, Paris), Professor Mairead Dunne, Dr Barbara Crossouard, Dr Naureen Durrani, Dr Kathleen Fincham (authors)
Title: Troubling Muslim Youth Identities: Nation, Religion, Gender
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 19oct2017 [PDF 146.07KB]
See photo gallery and recordings from the event on the Troubling Muslim Youth Identities web page

Dr Mariam AttiaDate: Monday 6 November, 2017
Time: 4.30-6pm
Venue: Room 203, Fulton
Speaker: Dr Mariam Attia, Lecturer in Education, University of Sussex
Title: Teacher Education in a Context of Occupation and Siege: The case of Gaza
Seminar Promo: CIE/CTLR Seminar Promo: 6nov2017 [PDF 128.95KB]


Dr Patricia Chapple WrightDate: Tuesday 7 November, 2017
Venue: Room 143, Jubilee
Speaker: Dr Patricia C.Wright, Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE)
Title: Lives at the Foret Edge: Innovating inclusion for sustainability in Madagascar
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 7nov2017 [PDF 88.06KB]

Professor Felix Padel

Date: Thursday 9 November, 2017
Time: 4.30-6pm
Venue: Room 113, Fulton
Speaker:  Felix Padel, Professor of Sociology/Anthropology, India
Title: What’s Happened and Happening in Tribal Identities and ‘Development’ since Independence? Decolonisation, internal colonialism and hopes for transcendence
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 9nov2017 [PDF 148.30KB]

Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough

Date: Monday 20 November, 2017
Time: 4.30-6pm
Venue: Room 203, Fulton
Speaker:  Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough, Reader, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Title: Recovering from Ethnographic Loss: Memory, witnessing and historical responsibility as a way of understanding securitized young lives in South Africa
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 20nov2017 [PDF 98.15KB]

Naureen DurraniDate:  Thursday 12 April, 2018
Time:  12-1.30pm
Venue: Seminar Room 18, Essex House
Speaker:  Dr Naureen Durrani, Senior Lecturer in International Education & Development, University of Sussex
Title:  Gender Equality, Education and Development: Tensions between global, national and local policy discourses in post-colonial contexts
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 12april2018 [PDF 83.59KB]
CIE Seminar Presentation 

Michaela Hynie Date:  Tuesday 17 April, 2018
Room 104, Fulton
Dr Michaela Hynie, Department of Psychology / Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Canada
Title: Exploring Assumptions about Private Sponsorship for the Syrian Refugee Cohort: Data from Year One of the Syrian refugee integration and long-term health project
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 17april2018 [PDF 97.97KB]

Giuditta Fontana Date:  Thursday 3 May, 2018
Room F22, Freeman Centre
Dr Giuditta Fontana, Leverhulme Fellow, School of Government & Society, University of Birmingham
Title: Education in Peace Agreements and their Aftermath
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 3may2018 [PDF 96.69KB] 

Dr Monazza Aslam


Date:  Thursday 10 May, 2018
Time:  12-1.30pm
Venue:  Room F22, Freeman Centre
Speaker:  Monazza Aslam, Education Economist, IOE-UCL
Title: Examination of Inequitable Access to Teaching and Learning for Marginalized Groups: Evidence from Pakistan
Seminar Promo:  CIE Seminar Promo: 10may2018 [PDF 62.43KB]


Date: Thursday 22nd September, 2016 
Time: 1.30-3pm 
Venue: Seminar Room 18, Essex House 
Speaker: Anjum Halai, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Title: Education for social cohesion and harmony: New questions for the role of teachers and teacher education in Pakistan
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 22sept2016 [PDF 121.74KB]   
Seminar Presentation: Education for social cohesion and harmony: New questions for the role of teachers and teacher education in Pakistan [PPTX 5.11MB] 

Date: Thursday 20th October, 2016   
Time: 1.30-3pm 
Venue: Room 2A1, Pevensey 1 
Speaker: Dr Aziz Choudry, Associate Professor of International Education, Department of Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 
Title: Informal and non-formal education and learning in an immigrant workers centre 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 20oct2016 [PDF 108.98KB]  

Date: Thursday 24th November, 2016 

Time: 1.30-3pm 
Venue: Seminar Room 18, Essex House 
Speaker: Dr Bruce Collet, Associate Professor of Social Foundations of Education, Bowling Green State University + Visiting Research Fellow (autumn 2016), Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford  
Title: Migration, religious security and public schooling within the Liberal Democratic state
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 24nov2016 [PDF 120.65KB]

Date: Tuesday 6 December 
Time: 11am-1pm 
Venue: Room G30, Jubilee  
Speakers: Professor Robbie Van Niekerk & Nimi Hoffmann, Rhodes University, Eastern Cape, South Africa + Professor Yusuf Sayed, Centre for International Education (CIE), University of Sussex, Brighton, UK / Centre for International Teacher Education (CITE), Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Western Cape, South Africa 
Title:  “Fees Must Fall”: Decolonisation and higher education in post-apartheid South Africa 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 6dec2016 [PDF 115.63KB]

Date: Thursday 9 February 
Time: 1.30-3pm 
Venue: Room 144, Jubilee  
Speaker: Dr Jonathan Dean, Senior Lecturer in Politics & Sociology, Sheffield Hallam University 
Title: The Ethics of Representation: Fundraising, Charities and Images of Need 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 9feb2017 [PDF 132.40KB] 
Seminar presentation: The ethics of representation: Fundraising, charities and images of need [PPTX 5.22MB]


Date: Wednesday 15 February  
Time: 1.30-3pm  
Venue: Room 1B, Arundel 
Speakers: Malvika Gupta, Researcher & UNESCO consultant, Delhi, and Felix Padel, Anthropologist & author of several books on tribal issues in India 
Title: Politics of Adivasi education in India: The evolution (or not?) of tribal education policy 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 15feb2017 [PDF 86.81KB]

Date: Thursday 16 March
Room 155, Jubilee
Fiona Leach, Professor Emerita in International Education, University of Sussex 
Title: ‘Alternative Facts’: A cautionary tale from history on the use and mis-use of secondary sources
Seminar Promo:
 CIE Seminar Promo: 16march2017 [PDF 205.61KB] 


Wednesday 22 March
Time: 2-6pm 
Venue: Room G30 Jubilee 
Speaker: Various 
Teachers as Agents of Peace and Social Cohesion: Insights from Rwanda and South Africa 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 22march2017 [PDF 360.35KB]

Date: Thursday 4 May 
Time: 5-6.30pm 
Venue: Fulton A Lecture Theatre 
Speaker: Antoni Verger, researcher and Lecturer, Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt), Universiteit van Amsterdam 
Title: The Geopolitics behind Alternative Forms of Educational Provision in the Global South 



Date: Monday 4th April, 2016  
Speaker: Lynn Davies, Emeritus Professor of International Education, University of Birmingham & Director of ConnectJustice
Title: Preventing Extremism: Resilience in a secular democracy  
Seminar Promo:   CIE Seminar Promo: 4apr2016 [DOC 720.50KB]
* This seminar was not recorded 

Date: Monday 15th February, 2016  
Speaker: Professor Masooda Bano, Oxford Department of International Development (ODID), University of Oxford
Title: Education and Aspirations: Evidence from Islamic and state schools in Pakistan and Nigeria
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Promo: 15feb2016 [DOC 142.00KB]    
* This seminar was not recorded 

Date: Monday 16th November, 2015  
Speaker: Dr Yahia Baiza Research Associate, Department of Academic Research & Publications, Central Asian Studies Unit, Institute of Ismaili Studies
Title: Afghanistan: Education at the intersection of religion and state   
Seminar Promo:         CIE Seminar Series Promo: 16nov2015 [DOC 142.50KB]         
Seminar Recording:  https://adobeconnect.sussex.ac.uk/p93vv4wtukp/ 

Date: Monday 5th October, 2015  
Speaker: Professor Magnus Marden, Director of the Sussex Asia Centre, Department of Anthropology, School of Global Studies, Univerity of Sussex 
Title: Becoming Taliban: Islam and Youth in Northern Nigeria 
Seminar Promo:        CIE Seminar Promo: 5oct2015 [DOC 142.50KB]
Seminar Recording:  https://adobeconnect.sussex.ac.uk/p737vfpiej5/


Date: Wednesday 20th May, 2015  
Speaker: Professor Nandini Manjrekar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Title: Shifting landscapes of education in the city of Mumbai: Histories and contemporary contexts in Girangaong 
Seminar Promo:   Joint Seminar: Asia Studies & CIE - 20May2015 [PDF 159.37KB]  
* This event was not recorded  

Date: Monday 23rd March, 2015
Speaker: Dr Tejendra Pherali, Institute of Education, University of London 
Title: A critical analysis of education, conflict and peacebuilding in Nepal and Cambodia 
Seminar Promo:       CIE Seminar Series Promo: 23mar2015 [DOC 142.00KB]  

Date: Wednesday 25th February, 2015 
Speaker: Cesar Augusto Guadalupe Mendizabal, Lecturer/Researcher, Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru 
Title: Views on professionalism by Peruvian teachers: Trends and current challenges 
Seminar Promo:       CIE Seminar Series Promo: 25feb2015 [DOC 142.50KB]     
Seminar Recording: Due to technical difficulties on the day, the first 7 mins of this recording has no sound. Apologies for this.

Date:  Monday 16th February, 2015
Speaker:  Christy Kulz, Post-doctoral researcher, Goldsmiths, University of London 
Title: Whose 'oasis in the desert?': Neoliberal education reform and the remakingof hierarchies in urban space 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Series Promo: 16feb2015 [DOC 142.50KB]     

Date:  Monday 20th October, 2014
Speaker:  Professor Kate Nash, Goldsmith's, University of London 
Title: Sociology of Human Rights: Cultures, Structures, Organisations 
Seminar Promo:       CIE Seminar Series Promo: 20oct2014 [DOC 142.00KB]      
Seminar Recording: The camera did not work on this recording, but the speaker's voice is clear, as are the presentation slides

Date: Monday 13th October, 2014
Speaker: Dr Toni Verger, Department of Sociology, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain 
Title: Public-Private Partnerships in Education as a Global Education Policy 
Seminar Promo: CIE Seminar Series Promo: 13oct2014 [DOC 142.50KB]      
* This event was not recorded 


Date:  Monday 2nd June 2014 
Speaker:  Dr Vanitra Sundaram, University of York 
Title:  What might youth-led sex and relationships education in the UK look like? 
Seminar Promo:        CIE Seminar Promo - 2jun2014 [DOC 141.00KB] 

Date: Monday 17th February 2014 
Speaker: Kwame Akyeampong, Professor of International Education and Development, University of Sussex 
Title: Becoming a Teacher: Evidence that responds to new threats 
Seminar Promo:        Seminar Series Promo: 17feb2014 [DOC 141.50KB]        

Date:  Tuesday 10th December, 2013 
Speaker:  Professor Steven J Coombs, Head of the School of Education, University of the South Pacific 
Title:  Living Global Citizenship: Transcending the cultural divide through international education partnerships 
Seminar Promo:        Seminar Series Promo: 10dec2013 [DOC 140.50KB] 
Advance reading:     Steven Coombs & Mark Potts - Living citizenship: transcending the cutural divide [PDF 125.42KB] 
NOTE: Due to technical difficulties on the day, there is no recording available of this event

Date:  Thursday 5th December, 2013 
Speaker:  Giorgio Jackson, former student leader and electoral candidate, Chile 
Title: Beyond the privitisation of education in Chile: Calling the neoliberal agenda to account 
Seminar Promo:            Seminar Series Promo: 5dec2013 [DOC 140.00KB] 
PERI-produced short film referred to in intro below: http://vimeo.com/49166918 
Seminar Recording: 


Date:  Monday 11th November, 2013 
Speaker:  Professor Angela Little, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Education, University of London 
Title:  Globalisation, employment and education in Sri Lanka: Opportunity and division 
Seminar Promo:            Occasional Speaker Seminar Promo: 11nov2013 [DOC 141.50KB] 
Seminar Presentation:  Professor Angela Little - Globalisation, employment and education: opportunity and division [PPTX 984.51KB] 
Seminar Recording:      Due to technical difficulties on the day, the first part of the recording of Professor Little's seminar has been lost. See presentation slides above for the missing info.

Date:  Monday 14th October, 2013
Speaker:  Professor Naila Kabeer, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAC), University of London 
Seminar Promo:       Seminar Series Promo: 14oct2013 [DOC 140.00KB]      


Date: Monday 24th June, 2013
Speakers: Professor Simon McGrath, University of Nottingham 
Title: Beteween education, jobs and development: Is there a place for skills in a post-15 landscape? 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo - 24jun2013 [DOC 140.00KB]

Date: Monday 25th March, 2013 
Speaker: Dr Tristan McCowan, Institute of Education, University of London 
Title: Alternative Universities in Brazil: Pushing the boundaries of mainstream higher education 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo: 25mar2013 [DOC 141.00KB] 

Date: Monday 29th October, 2012
Speaker: Professor Susan Robertson, University of Bristol 
Title: Placing teachers in global governance agendas 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo: 29oct2012 [DOC 141.00KB] 


Date: Monday 18th June, 2012 
Speaker: Professor John Preston, University of East London 
Title: Disaster Education: Race, intersectionality and social justice 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo: 18june2012 [DOC 140.00KB] 

Date: Monday 6th February, 2012 
Speaker: Dr Nick Andon, Kings College, London 
Title: Researching teachers' beliefs and practices in relation to TBLT 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo: 6feb2012 [DOC 140.00KB] 

Date: Monday 28th November, 2011 
Speaker: Jo Westbrook, John Pryor & Kwame Akyeampong, Department of Education, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex 
Title: Learning to teach reading and basic mathematics in Africa: Exploring the nexus of training and practice 
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo - 28nov2011 [DOC 140.50KB] 
Seminar Presentation: CIE Researchers - Teacher Preparation in Africa [PPT 6.73MB]