Centre for International Education (CIE)

Research Approaches

Dr Barbara Crossouard

Crossouard, B. (2011): The doctoral viva voce as a cultural practice: The gendered production of academic subjects. Gender and Education, 23(5), 313-329

Crossouard, B. (2011): Book Review: Higher Education and International Capacity Building. Twenty-five years of higher education links. (2009) Stephens, David. (Ed.) Oxford: Symposium Books. International Journal for Educational Development, 31(2), 207-8

Crossouard, B. & Pryor, J. (2008): Becoming Researchers: A sociocultural perspective on assessment, learning and the construction of identity in a professional doctorate. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 16(3), 221-237

Professor Máiréad Dunne

Dunne, M., Pryor, J. and Yates P (2005): Becoming a Researcher: A Companion to the Research Process Maidenhead, Open University Press. ISBN 0 335 21394 4 (PB) 0 335 21395 2 (HB) 192pp

Professor Mario Novelli

Novelli, M. & Mathers, A. (2007): Researching Resistance to Neoliberal Globalisation: Engaged Ethnography as Solidarity and Praxis, Globalizations.Vol.4.2, p.229-250

Novelli, M. (2006): Imagining Research as Solidarity & Grassroots Globalisation: A Response to Appadurai, Globalisation, Societies and Education,Vol.4.2, p.275-286

Professor John Pryor

Pryor, J., Kuupole A., Kutor N., Dunne, M. and Adu-Yeboah, C. (2009): Exploring the Fault Lines of Cross-cultural Collaborative ResearchCompare 39,6 769-782. ISSN 0305-7925

Dr Ricardo Sabates

Sabates, R.; Westbrook, J.; Hernandez-Fernandez, J. (2011): The 1977 Universal Primary Education in Tanzania: A historical base for quantitative enquiry in International Journal in Research & Method in Education (forthcoming)

Dr Benjamin Zeitlyn

Zeitlyn, B. & Mand, K. (2012): Researching Transnational Children, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 38(6)