Centre for International Education (CIE)


The following are projects for which CIE members and our colleagues within the Department of Education have provided consultancy:

Title:  Gender in Higher Education: A meta-analysis of Global Policies and Practices
Consultants:  Barbara Crossouard and Louise Morley
Sponsor:  World Bank
Consultancy undertaken:  2011

Title:  Strategies to Improve Primary School Completion: Background paper for the GMR 2011
Consultant:  Ricardo Sabates
Sponsor:  UNESCO
Consultancy undertaken:  April 2010

Title:  The Netherlands Aid to Education in Conflict-affected Countries 
Consultant:  Mario Novelli 
Sponsor:  UNESCO
Consultancy undertaken:  2010

Title:  Global Advisory Committee on Gender as an Entry Point for Addressing Social Exclusion and Multiple Disparities in Education 
Consultant:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  UNICEF / UNGEI (New York, USA)
Consultancy undertaken:  May 2009

Title:  UNICEF's Strategic Choices for Education Reform Programme
Consultant:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  World Bank (Washington, USA) 
Consultancy undertaken:  July and November 2008

Title:  Education, Development and Community Participation
Consultant:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  CONCERN Worldwide (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Consultancy undertaken:  October 2007

Title:  Flankoma Teachers' Programme: UK evaluation
Consultant:  John Pryor
Sponsor:  Video Educational Trust
Consultancy undertaken:  2005 - 2006

Title:  Gender and Curriculum Conference and Workshop
Consultant:  Mairead Dunne
Sponsor:  UNESCO (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Consultancy undertaken:  April 2004