Centre for International Education (CIE)


CIE Research Candidate: Vincent Adzahile-MensahName: Dr Vincent Adzahlie-Mensah (PhD candidate) 
Research interests: Being 'nobodies': school regimes and student identities in Ghana (PhD thesis). Issues related to gender and equity, human rights and peace education.
Latest appointment: Lecturer at the Department of Social Studies, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

CIE Associates: Akunu Agbeti

Name: Akunu Agbeti
Course: International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Research title: 
Research theme: How external assessment influences the quality of education, with particular reference to the Basic Education Certificate Examination in Ghana. 


Name: Faraz Ali Bughio
Course: PhD in Education
Research title: Improving English language teaching in large classes at university-level in Pakistan
Research theme: A collaborative action research project aiming to improve the quality of English language teaching and learning in a public sector university in Pakistan. The study demonstrated how teachers and students can take responsibility for engaging in active teaching and learning by developing their roles beyond traditional models. Findings were validated through critical thinking, active critique of colleagues and students who participated in the study, reflection on critical aspects of data collection, and contextualisation through existing literature.

CIE Research Student: Kinglsey ArkorfulName: Kingsley K D Arkorful
Course: PhD in Education
Research title: Complementary education and linkage to the formal, basic school curriculum in Ghana
Research theme: The curriculum and pedagogy of complementary education programmes (CEPs) and the extent to which these programmes provide a foundation for the acquisition of basic knowledge, skills and aptitude to progress to formal public school and how the CEP curriculum relates to that of the formal, basic school in Ghana.

CIE Research Student: Stuart CameronName: Stuart Cameron
PhD in Education
Research title: Education decisions in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Research theme: How Bangladeshi households make decisions about enrolling their children in school - and keeping them there - drawing on survey and interview data.

CIE Associate: Dr Moses DaudaName: Dr Moses Dauda
Research interests: Access and quality in education, including gender issues. Led to involvement in the following CIE projects:
1. Adamawa State Primary Education Research (ASPER). "Access, quality and outcomes with specific reference to gender" writing the report and based on this presenting "The ebbs and flows of access-beyond enrolment figures: evidence from Nigeria" at the 11th UKFIET conference 2013. University of Oxford, UK.
2.  Operational Research Study of the UNICEF GEP 3 Female Teacher Trainee Scholarship Scheme, EDOREN OR2 Study funded by DFID and presenting findings at the International Conference on Education Research for Development in Africa (ICERDA) University of Accra, Accra Ghana, May, 2013."Gender Regimes in Primary Schools in Adamawa State, Northern Nigeria"
Latest appointment: Senior Lecturer, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

CIE Associate: Kathleen FinchamName: Kathleen Fincham
PhD in Education
Research title: Learning Palestine: The construction of Palestinian identities in south Lebanon
Research theme: An exploration of how Palestinian refugee youth construct, articulate and negotiate their identities vis-a-vis gender, religion and nation through formal and non-formal learning institutions in UNRWA refugee camps in south Lebanon.

CIE Associate: Cesar GuadalupeName: Cesar Guadalupe
International Doctor of Education (EdD)
César is a Lecturer/Researcher at Universidad del Pacifico, Peru, where he is working on a project researching how schools (re)produce social representations about national history and contemporary affairs in order to better understand how modern citizenship can develop - or not - in Peru. Previously he worked for UNESCO in the areas of education information systems and learning outcomes measurement. His particular interest is how information can contribute to public debates and policy formulation in education.

CIE Research Student: Jimena Hernandez-FernandezName: Jimena Hernández-Fernández (PhD candidate)
Research interests:
Latest appointment:

CIE Associate: Dr Huib Huyse


Name: Dr Huib Huyse
Course: International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Research title: Workplace and organisational learning in development aid: A case study of a Belgian development agency
Research theme: Huyse's research investigates workplace and organisational learning in a Belgian development agency between 2000 and 2010 during the implementation of educational development projects. He studies some of the structural causes of a perceived learning deficit at project as well as agency-wide level, and links with similar findings in other development agencies. Two case studies were selected in Zimbabwe [ZimPATH and St2eep] for the research of project-level issues in which the project's management invested significantly in team learning. These practices were set against learning support activities introduced by head office.

CIE Research Student: Matthew Karikari-AbabioName: Matthew Karikari-Ababio
Course: International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Research title: A case study of the development of science, technology and innovation policy in higher education in Ghana
Research theme: Ghana has yet to experience technological transformation at the level of other countries such as those in South East Asia, even though the level of development of these same countries was on a par with Ghana when the latter achieved independence. In-depth insider case study on the development of science, technology and innovation policy in higher education in Ghana, with specific reference to how policy is formulated and its implications.

CIE Research Student: Cecilia KimaniName: Cecilia Kimani
Course: PhD in Education 
Research title: Deaf Education in Kenya
Research theme: Researching the teaching and learning of deaf upper-primary school learners in Kenya to explain their poor examination performance and to find out ways to better support thier learning.

CIE Associate: Angelijka Kuemmerling


Name: Angelika Kuemmerling
Research interests: (Women's) Employment and working time; international comparison; gender studies; care regimes; the research of non-monetary outcomes of education.
Latest appointment: Institute of Work Skills and Training, University of Duisberg-Essen

CIE Associate: Juliet McCaffery


Name: Juliet McCaffery
Course: PhD in Education
Research title: Access, Agency, Assimilation: Exploring literacy among adult Gypsies and Travellers in three authorities in southern England
Research theme:
After working for many years in the UK, Sub Saharan Africa and Asia as an educator and as a consultant in literacy and gender and education, Juliet is currently researching the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that inform education and literacy programmes. She is particularly interested in exploring the deficit discourse as applied to marginalized minority and indigenous communities and in exploring the inclusion or absence of cultural and livelihood contexts in their education programmes.

CIE Associate: Kate Nielsen

Name: Kate Nielsen
PhD in Education
Research title: Study Abroad: Perspectives on transitions to adulthood
Research theme:
Applying multiple theoretical models to understanding learning through travel, such as transformative learning, intercultural learning, educational tourism.Developing auto ethnographic writing methodologies to better understand the research process and the learning anthropologists develop in the field.

CIE Research Candidate: Yukiko Okugawa


Name: Yukiko Okugawa
Course: PhD in Education 
Research title: International assistance to education development: A case study of the basic education sector in Ghana
Research theme: The extent to which aid resources have been absorbed within different aid mechanisms from the point of view of education actors at various levels, ie. global, national, institutional and school.
Dr Yukiko Okugawa works for JICA, Ethiopia.

CIE Associate: Michela Profeta


Name: Michela Profeta 
Course: International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Thesis title: Pre-primary education policy between formulation and implementation: The Bangladeshi case
Research theme: Michela's expertise is in the field of early learning and ECD in developing countries. She has been working overseas since 2002, collaborating with NGOs, donors and UN agencies as an education and ECD specialist, as well as a programme/project manager.

CIE Research Student: Irfan Rind


Name: Irfan Rind
Course: PhD in Education 
Research title:
Research theme: Exploration of students' learning experiences - from a structure and agent perspective - in an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) higher education programme in Pakistan. The research will incorporate issues of gender; rural, ethnic and disciplinary identities; power relations in ESL communities; and influences of structure.

CIE Associates: John Rutayisire

Name: John Rutayisire
Course: International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Research title: An investigation into teachers' experiences of in-service training and professional development in Rwanda
Research theme: John's research was about capacity building and exposed him to a critical view of what was actually happening in education 'on the ground'. Relying on both theoretical and professional perspectives, he learned to question the way teaching in Rwanda is conceptualised as a starting point to developing and understanding of the teaching and learning process.

John is the Director General of the Rwandan Education Board, a government Ministry charged with contributing to educational policy, as well as coordinating and fast-tracking educational programmes and activities aimed at providing quality education to all children in Rwanda.

CIE Research Student: Najwa Saba 'AyonName: Najwa Saba 'Ayon
Intl EdD
Research title: Lebanese EFL teachers' conceptions of teaching and their practice
Research theme: A qualitative multiple case study investigating Lebanese EFL teachers' conceptions of teaching and their practice in Lebanese public high schools.Observation, semi-structured interviews and a researcher diary are all used to collect data for analysing thematically.

CIE Associate: Swadchet SankeyName: Swadchet Sankey
Research interests: Swadchet has over 12 years of experience working on donor-funded projects focused on improving the quality of basic education in Nigeria. Her MA thesis at Sussex was a case study that examined the implementation of Nigeria’s language of instruction policy in primary schools. She has worked with CIEs on an Operational Research (OR) Study that looked into the implementation of the DFID funded Girls Education Project (GEP3) Female Teacher Trainee Scholarship Scheme (FTTSS). Recently she presented a paper Becoming a teacher: female student experiences of teacher training in Northern Nigeria” at  the International Conference on Education Research for Development in Africa (ICERDA, 2015) at the University of Ghana, organized in collaboration with CIE, University of Sussex.
Latest position: Senior Reading Program Manager, Research Triangle Institute

CIE Research Student: Armando SimoesName: Armando Simões
Course: PhD in Education
Research title: The contribution of Bolsa Familia to the educational achievement of economically disadvantaged children in Brazil
Research theme: The educational effects associated with a national conditional cash transfer programme in Brazil aimed at fighting poverty in the short-term, and developing human capital.
Armando is currently Public Policies Advisor for the Secretary of Evaluation and Information Management at the Minsitry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger, Brazil.
See Armando's latest publication: The contribution of Bolsa Familia to the educational achievement of economically disadvantaged children in Brazil

CIE Associate: Yoel SiegelName: Yoel Siegel
Course: PhD in Education
Research title:
Research theme: A case study exploration of processes which contribute to community functioning for collective, as well as individual,. wellbeing
Yoel works in the field of community development and specialises in the interaction between community dynamics and regional development. He has worked extensively in Israel and is currently Director of the Metro-Jerusalem Urban Biosphere Initiative for regional ecosystem management.

CIE Associate: Eric SladeName: Eric Slade
Course: MA in International Education & Development
Eric currently works as an Education consultant but has previously held roles as the Global Education Advisor for Concern Worldwide in Dublin (2007-11), as Education Programme Manager for Concern Worldwide in Niger (2003-6) and in Angola (2006-7). Eric's major interest is in the monitoring and evaluation of education projects, particularly in relation to school-related gender-based violence and teacher education. He worked with CIE on Promising Practice in School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) Prevention and Response Globally: A desk review for concern, with Fiona Leach and Mairead Dunne. He has also worked with Mairead Dunne on workshops with Concern Worldwide on Community Involvement in Education and How to Address School-Related Gender-Based Violence measuring change in Concern Worldwide's education programming.

CIE Associate: Chisato TanakaName: Chisato Tanaka
Programme: PhD in Education
Research title:
Research theme: Teacher motivation in the context of basic (primary and junior) schools in rural Ghana
Chisato is Chief Advisor for 'Strengething Mathematics and Science in Secodary Education' in Malawi for the country's Ministry of Education, Science and Technolog in partnership with Japan's International Cooperation Agency.