Centre for International Education (CIE)

Eastern Africa


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Presentations / Conference papers

Pryor, J. and Meke, E.S. (2008): Facing the challenges of teaching in Malawi through collaborative action research.
Paper prepared for the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New York. March 2008.


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Research projects
  • Expansion of Speed School Programme to Ethiopia 
    Research Team:  Kwame AkyeampongRicardo Sabates and Benjamin Zeitlyn
    Sponsor:  Geneva Global 
    Funding granted in 2011 for an 18 month project starting in September 2011
  • Out-of-school children in East and Southern Africa
    Research Team: Mairead Dunne and Ricardo Sabates with Benjamin Zeitlyn
    Sponsor: UNICEF, Nairobi, Kenya
    July - December 2011
Completed doctoral theses

Cecilia Kimani (2012): Human rights and the education of deaf children in Kenya

Asayo Ohba (2010): Policy intention and its consequences: Who gains from the abolition of secondary school fees in Kenya?

Ikuko Suzuki (2003): Parental participation in primary school governance in Uganda

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