Centre for International Education (CIE)

Middle East

Research projects
  • Youth as Active Citizens for their Rights to Education and SRHR: A three country (Senegal, Palestine and Pakistan) study of programmes and practice 
    Research Team: Mairead Dunne, Naureen Durrani, Kathleen Fincham (UEA), Sara Humphreys 
    Sponsor: OXFAM NOVIB 
    January - June 2012
Doctoral research

Joy Pattinson: The impact of substational educational change on teacher education in the United Arab Emirates, conceptualised as a tr-part construct consisting of teacher motivation, teacher identity and teacher emotion

Najwa Saba'Ayon: Lebanese EFL teachers' conceptions of teaching and their practice

Sajjadlah Alhawsawi: Exploring learning experience in higher education: Analyses of the impact of an English language programme on medical students in Saudi Arabia (case study).

Completed doctoral theses

Yoel Siegel (2011): Participation and Community Development in Israel

Kathleen Fincham (2010): Palestinian Youth Identities in Lebanon Refugee Camps

Anat Lowe (2008): Parents and the placement committee in Israel: Involvement and influences

David Netzer (2008): The work and impact of the Centre for Humanistic Education at the Ghetto Fighters House, Israel: A case study

Avraham Neguise (2008): The role of Ethiopian non-governmental organisations in Israel in the integration and empowerment of the Ethiopian community, with special emphasis on the education system

Hana Bar-Nir Niv (2007): Interactive, multi-dimensional documentation in an experimental school in Israel, Part I

Edna Barromi Perlmann (2007): Researching photographic representation of biological families in kibbutzim in Israel between 1948 and 1967: Family snaps on kibbutz - do they exist?

Nigist Mengesha (2007): Socio-educational mediation among Ethiopian immigrant Jews in the Israeli school system

Ahmed M Atari (2005): The politics of culture: Female Palestinian college students reading English literature: (An ethnography)

Anat Pinto (2005): Understanding the new meanings of experimental education in Israel

Abdulaziz Al Ahmad (2001): An evaluation of the primary school teacher preparation in the College of Education at Kuwait University

Esther Kessler (2001): The role of the mediator in the integration of immigrant pupils in Israeli schools

Zein Cesar Majul (2001): The effects of English immersion on the learning and achievement of Arab students in a private school in Saudi Arabia

Shai Sarah Harris-Arran (2000): School inspectors in Israel: Autonomy, levels and direction of effort in a context of multiple functions and expectations