Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Located within the Department of Education in the School of Education and Social Work, the research centre CHEER has been established to consolidate higher education research and scholarship at the University of Sussex.

CHEER's director is Professor Louise Morley.

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Date: October 2020
Time: tba
Venue: tba
Speaker: Julie Rowlands, Associate Professor of Education Leadership, Deakin University, Australia
Title: The Relationship Between Epistemic Governance and Epistemic Injestice: The contribution of research assessment tot he governance and production of 'legitimate knowledge'

In this presentation, Dr Rowlands will draw on fieldwork conducted in Denmark in 2018 with Professor Susan Wright on the effects of research assessment on research practice. She will consider, from critical and feminist perspectives, the ways in which research assessment governs the production of academic knowledge and contributes to epistemic injustices. The notion of epistemic governance extends traditional understandings of governance as systems of decision-making and control to include consideration of critically important power relations pertaining to the creation, structuring and co-ordination of knowledge production.

Drawing on specific examples from the fieldwork relating to gender and language, Dr Rowlands' presentation will examine how research assessment has particular effects not only on where new knowledge produced through research is published, but also on what research is conducted, how and by whom, and on what knowledge is recognised and what is not. This contributes significantly to the generation and reproduction of epistemic injustices relating to (il)legitimate knowers and (il)legitimate knowledge.

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Professor Louise Morley talks about the challenges and issues affecting women in leadership roles.

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