Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Located within the Department of Education in the School of Education and Social Work, the research centre CHEER has been established to consolidate higher education research and scholarship at the University of Sussex.

CHEER's director is Professor Louise Morley.

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Date: 5 July 2017      
Time: 12-1pm   
Venue: Room 144, Jubilee
Speaker: Jennifer Jomafuvwe Agbaire, Doctoral researcher, PhD in Education 

Title: Access to University in Nigeria: Exploring the Impact of Admission Policy and Practices



Date: 19 July 2017      
Time: 9.30am-4pm   
Venue: Gardner Tower, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex 
Title: Disrupting Internationalisation Discourses: Discussing Equity and Inclusion

This seminar draws together international expertise to re-think and challenge existing research on higher education and internationalisation by highlighting the importance of debates about equity and inclusion.

Keynote speakers include: 
Professor Sue Webb, Monash University, Australia / Dr Linda Morrice, University of Sussex / Dr Terri Kim, University of East London / Lee Rensimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Plus presentations from visiting Roma scholars

Promo: Disrupting Internationalisation Discourses: event poster [PDF 204.87KB]
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See details of this year's CHEER-hosted events at CHEER Events 2017 [PDF 120.81KB]

Japanese students explain the differences they see between the UK and Japanese higher education systems

As part of its research project, 'Higher Education, Knowledge Exchange and Policy Learning in the Asian Century', CHEER interviewed a number of Japanese students asking them to reflect on their UK studies and tell us some of the differences between the Japanese higher education system and our own ...

Louise Morley - image from videoHow to get women out of the "velvet ghetto"

Professor Louise Morley talks about the challenges and issues affecting women in leadership roles.

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CHEER Director:
Professor Louise Morley
T: +44 (0)1273 876700
E: L.Morley@sussex.ac.uk

CHEER Co-Director:
Dr Emily Danvers
E: E.Danvers@sussex.ac.uk

CHEER Research Fellow:
Dr Charlotte Morris
E: C.A.Morris@sussex.ac.uk

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CHEER is the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research at the University of Sussex.

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