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Dr Jacqui ShepherdTransitioning from Special School to Mainstream College

Childhood and Youth BA Course Leader, Dr Jacqui Shepherd, describes the experiences of young autistic people transitioning from special school to mainstream college on Network Autism as part of #WorldAutismAwarenessWeek 

Her recommendations for improving the transition process include:

  • involving young people more in their own transition planning
  • paying attention to the social needs of young autistic people, specifically in relation to peer interaction
  • time management – managing unstructured time during the day and the long summer holiday periods
  • using a peer mentoring approach with autistic students starting college
  • ensuring parental involvement so that young people are supported to be interdependent.

Further research into social motivation and peer support during transition would be very beneficial as would the implementation and evaluation of specific interventions in further education colleges.  These transitions to college also need to be seen as part of the broader picture of emerging adulthood.