Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence

Queory Archive 2004-2007

A list of previous Queory seminars over the Centre's history. If anybody knows of any Queories that have been missed, please get in touch with us!


28 November 2007

Queer (in) History: Readings in Seventeenth-Century French (Sexual) Culture

EDB 121, 5pm.


21 November 2007

Acts, Orientations, and the Sodomites of San Gimignano

Robert Mills (Kings College, London), Arts A071, 5pm.


Wednesday 14 November 2007

Happy Objects/Unhappy Queers

Sarah Ahmed (Goldsmiths College, London), EDB 121, 5pm.

This seminar explores the significance of unhappiness, and in particular 
unhappy endings, within queer cultural politics. It considers
firstly how we can understand happiness as a promise that directs us
towards some life choices and not others; happiness is imagined as
'following' the straight line. By refusing heterosexuality, certain lives 
are seen as inevitably unhappy. Rather than responding to such
presumptions of inevitable unhappiness by depositing our hopes in the
figure of the happy queer, the paper argues that we need to re-read the
negativity of the unhappy queer as a starting point for social critique. 
By contrasting Well of Loneliness with more recent texts, including the
novel Annie on My Mind (1982) and the film Lost and Delirious (2001), the
paper argues that unhappy queer archives help us to explore how
unhappiness does not originate with the fact of 'being' queer, but is an
effect of how 'being queer' is read as the origin of familial and social


10 October 2007

At the Heart of the Family: Researching Female Couples in Indian Texts and Traditions

Ruth Vanita (University of Montana), Chowen Lecture Theatre, BSMS, 6pm.


22 November 2006

Gay Theatres, National Theatres

Vincent Quinn (University of Sussex), D440, 2pm.

The paper will consider gay drama in relation to arguments about nationhood
and cultural identity; Irish materials will be used to draw out more
general observations.


14 January 2004

Gay Performances and Contemporary Factual Television: Bahktinian Carnival, Hybridity and Agency

Chris Pullen (Bournemouth University).