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Sussex and Chinese researchers unite to explore lessons in low carbon innovation

15 January 2014

Can Chinese innovation help address the climate crisis?

Locust research shows how the company you keep shapes what you learn

21 November 2013

A team of researchers including a Sussex neuroscientist has shown how the environment shapes learning and memory using locusts.

In it together: research reveals the joy of the crowd

13 November 2013

The experience of a packed crowd can be highly enjoyable, a research project led by University of Sussex psychologist Dr John Drury has found.

Sussex publishes new strategy

12 November 2013

The University has published its new strategy for Sussex - Making the Future 2013-18.

Scientists identify a mathematical ‘crystal ball’ that may predict calamities

25 October 2013

Sussex neuroscientists have come up with an equation that may predict financial crashes in economic systems and epileptic seizures in the brain.

Dare to Dream: Lessons for sports, business and life with Colin Jackson

11 October 2013

World-champion hurdler Colin Jackson visited BMEc on Wednesday (9 October) to deliver the inaugural lecture in the LEAD lecture series.

Maths experts are “made, not born”, Sussex study shows

24 September 2013

Sussex neuroscientists show that maths ability is down to hard work rather than natural ability.

CARIS economists publish report for Department for International Development

9 September 2013

Economists working in the Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex (CARIS) have published a report for the Department for...

Professor’s tale of bumblebees nominated for top book prize

6 September 2013

A Sussex biologist’s bestselling book that highlights the crucial importance of the bumblebee has been nominated for a top prize.

Heart in your hand? Neuroscientists discover a new illusion of consciousness

30 August 2013

The sight of a virtual-reality hand pulsing in time with your heart can convince your brain it's part of your body, say Sussex neuroscientists.

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