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Sussex finance lecturer's new book praised by Nobel Prize winning economist

1 April 2014

Influential economist Professor Robert Solow has praised a new book by Dr Mike Osborne, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance.

University lecturers confirmed for panel of student 'Dragon's Den' competition

17 March 2014

A businessman and a food psychology expert have been selected as judges for SussexFood’s entrepreneurial competition.
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Elephants can detect human foes by their voice and language

10 March 2014

New Sussex research shows elephants can identify humans that pose a threat to them by distinguishing between the language and voices.

No froth in marketing plan for Sussex brewery

7 March 2014

Undergraduate Business and Management students on the Marketing Strategy module have excelled at developing a strategic marketing plan for Dark Star.

The Sussex effect: University spend in UK economy to hit £1 billion by 2018, says report

5 March 2014

University activity is estimated to have led to £600 million in UK expenditure in 2012-13 – and could hit £1 billion by 2018, says a new report.

Global soil carbon: study highlights the need for better understanding and management

11 February 2014

The first comprehensive review of global soil carbon data highlights the importance of soil carbon conservation in mitigating climate change.

Pesticides impair bees’ ability to gather food, Sussex researchers find

29 January 2014

Controversial pesticides ingested by bumble bees can seriously impact the insects’ ability to collect food, says new research.

Funding boost to help make promising technology a business reality

28 January 2014

A Sussex academic who has developed software to overcome poor smartphone data connectivity in crowded places has been awarded an £85,000 grant.

Sussex and Chinese researchers unite to explore lessons in low carbon innovation

15 January 2014

Can Chinese innovation help address the climate crisis?

Locust research shows how the company you keep shapes what you learn

21 November 2013

A team of researchers including a Sussex neuroscientist has shown how the environment shapes learning and memory using locusts.

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