Where to stay

This is a list of University of Sussex approved hotels and guest houses in the Brighton & Hove area. All of these establishments are visited and approved by the University Approved hotels working panel and are reviewed annually.

Brighton is a lively, busy city 24 hours a day. The hotels and guests houses have been selected to offer those coming to stay in Brighton a wide choice of accommodation in different locations to suit all budgets and requirements.

The hotels located in the centre of the city will be lively and probably a little noisy, especially if they face the seafront. This will be great for some visitors but others may wish to request a quieter room (to the rear of the hotel) or choose a hotel away from the city centre.

If you are a member of staff wishing to book a conference or visitors into hotels, you should check with the hotel's reservation office about facilities available in the hotel. Please do contact Caroline Lehany on +44 (0) 1273 678460 or Sara Tooth on +44 (0) 1273 877015 for more information.

In most cases we have negotiated special rates to stay in these hotels/guest houses. When making a booking it is essential that you quote that you wish to make a booking at the University of Sussex rate. If rooms are available at this rate you will be offered the discounted price. Please note that this is subject to availability. All bookings and payments are the responsibility of the person making the booking.

If after staying at one of these hotels/guest houses, in your opinion, they should not remain on the list, please email procurement@sussex.ac.uk. We will arrange for the hotel/guest house to be re-inspected, and, if necessary removed from the list. If you currently use a hotel/guest house that is not on this list but you would like it to be added, please contact Steven Cole at procurement@sussex.ac.uk.

Summer accommodation on Sussex campus

You can also stay in our on-campus accommodation over the summer vacation period.

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