Organisational Development

Personal development and effectiveness

Our personal development workshops can help to improve your wellbeing and become more effective at work and in life.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Trainer: Mariyana Bushara, Organisational Development Adviser

Duration: 2.5 hours

Course outline

This workshop is based on the book by Stephen Covey and will provide you with practical techniques to help you become more effective in your life inside and outside work. Workshop objectives: • Explore each of the 7 habits in more detail • Use examples to bring the habits to life • Introduce some practical tools to use in the workplace • Understand to importance of time management, assertiveness, listening skills, the benefits of collaboration and looking after your wellbeing

Who it is for

For all staff

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Becoming a mentee - Get the Most from Mentoring

Trainer: Sarah O'Malley, Organisation Development Advisor

Duration: One hour

Course outline

Participants can expect to learn:

  • what mentoring is and how mentoring works at the University of Sussex
  • how to access mentoring
  • how mentoring can help with personal and professional development
  • how to get the most out of mentoring relationships at any career stage.

Who it is for

Any staff member who would like to become a mentee

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Difficult Encounters and Conflict Resolution

Trainer: Becky Simpson, Playout

Duration: Three hours

Course outline

This course explores effective methods of conflict resolution through theatre and role play. Participants do not have to take part in roleplay scenarios, however there will be opportunities to practice new skills with the actors if you wish.  

Who is it for?

This course is for all staff who have to deal with difficult encounters with colleagues and students. It may be particularly relevant for frontline, customer focused staff.

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Finding Balance – In the Mind-set

Trainer: Toby Buckle, Hazelbranch

Duration: Half-day workshop. Session one of two. 

Course outline

The first session of the two-part Finding Balance course. This workshop will help you understand which mind-sets work best, what your stress triggers are and what patterns of thinking cause you to stop performing effectively. 

Participants can attend either or both of the Finding Balance sessions. 

Who is it for?

For all staff who need to perform under pressure and anyone interested in finding more balance in life and at work. 

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Finding Balance - In the Mind, Body and Emotions

Trainer: Alistair Duncan, Where Two Rivers Meet

Duration: Half-day workshop. Session two of two.

Course outline 

The second session of the two-part Finding Balance course focuses on how your thoughts and emotions impact your state of well-being, your decisions and actions, and on strategies you can use to improve your working relationships with others. 

Participants can attend either or both of the Finding Balance sessions. 

Who is it for?

For all staff who need to perform under pressure and anyone interested in finding more balance in life or at work. 

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Mental Health Awareness

Trainer: Stephen Brogan, External mental health trainer and consultant

Duration: 3.5 hours

Course outline

By the end of this course learners should be able to describe

  • the key features of stress, anxiety, depression and OCD
  • the key warning signs that a student is struggling
  • an overview of what support is available

Who is it for?

All staff, particularly those who have regular contact with students.

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See the sidebar for mental health awareness resources

The Art of Influence

Trainer: Toby Buckle, Hazelbranch

Duration: This is being offered both as a full day workshop and a half-day workshop - please check the timings on the booking page

Course outline

Gain a greater ability to influence through effective communication. You will have a chance to explore different ways of communicating and influencing, and a get a better understanding of how you influence effectively.  There will lots of opportunity to ask questions, work on practical issues and share learning.

Who is it for?

For managers

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Understanding and Using Your Strengths

Trainer: Sarah Engineer

Duration: Three hours

Course outline

This workshop will help you identify your key motivational drivers and strengths to increase work satisfaction and ensure you operate at your very best.

Who is it for?

For all staff who would like to understand their key motivational drivers and their standout strengths to increase their work satisfaction and ensure they operate at their very best.

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Welcome Session for New Staff

Essential for all new staff. Newly appointed staff will be invited to attend. 

Duration: Three and a half hours

Time and date: 09:15 - 12:45, Thursday 11 June 2020

Course outline

An opportunity to meet other staff new to the University and to discover more about how the University works, including:

  • the role Sussex plays in the higher education sector, both nationally and internationally
  • the University's priorities for the future
  • the University community and what in can offer you
  • examples of recent success.

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Wellbeing E-learning for staff

laptop and notepad

All staff can now enrol upon the new online Wellbeing modules for staff - a comprehensive package covering a range of topics on mental wellbeing.

Just login to LearnUpon and go to Catalogue. There are five modules:

1. Mental health in the workplace

2. Mental wellbeing and resilience

3. Supporting others

4. The law and wellbeing conversations

5. Managing your own self-care and wellbeing

These interactive modules offer information and various tools to support both employees and staff managers.

For help with LearnUpon, please see our online learning page.


Student mental health

Developed by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, this e-learning course is designed to help non-specialist staff offer a first line of support to students who may have mental health issues.

Managing mental health at work

The Mental Health at Work website provides resources to help staff get to grips with mental health issues in the workplace.

Better Mental Health at Work: Toolkits for Staff

Care First

A service for all staff, Care First provide a range of help at difficult times, including counselling and specialist advice.  


As a member of staff you have free access to Thrive, a smart phone app designed to improve mental wellbeing. 

Third party resources and trainings may signpost different support services and recommend procedures that differ from those we offer at Sussex. It is important to remember that University of Sussex policies and procedures must be followed at all times. They can be found on the Student Support webpages.