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Payroll: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will I get my payslip?

A: Payslips are all available for substantive post holders via the MyView service portal on Works paid on the causal payroll will receive their payslip via post to their home address.


Q: My pay has changed, what have I been paid for?

A: Check your payslip on the MyView portal to see what has changed. If you do not recognise a payment or adjustment you can contact your line manager or Payroll Coordinator.


Q: Can I get an advance on my salary?

A: The University does not offer advances against salary payments.


Q: When will I get my P60? Can I obtain a copy?

A: The University aims to have P60’s available on MyView at the beginning of May. P60’s must be available by 31st May. P60’s are provided as electronic documents so copies cannot be obtained from the Payroll office.


Q: Why do the payment details on my P60 not match my annual salary?

A: Your P60 will show total taxable pay for the year. If you have any salary sacrifice deductions (such as pension or Childcare Vouchers) your taxable pay will be reduced.


Q: Can I email payment forms to Payroll?

A: All forms requesting payment (such as casual fees forms and overtime) must be submitted electronically and must be submitted by the authorising Manager. Forms should be submitted to the relevant Payroll inbox, which can be found on our contacts page.


Q: I recently left my employment at the University, can I get a copy of my P45?

A: P45’s are issued electronically and are available on MyView along with your payslips.  Please ensure that you log onto MyView to collect your documents within 30 days of your leave date.  HMRC legislation prevents duplicate P45’s from being issued.  We can issue a statement of earnings which contains the same information if this is required.  Please contact the Payroll Coordinator for your area if you have not been able to download your P45.


Q: What is the University PAYE tax reference number and how can I contact the tax office?

A: Our PAYE reference number is 334/MEU10. HMRC can be contacted by telephone on 0300 200 3300.


Q: When is pay day this month / when is Payroll cut-off this month?

A: Pay day is normally the last working day of the month, with the exception of Christmas. Monthly dates for salary payment and cut-off dates are posted on the Human Resources section of the Sussex website under the heading ‘Payroll Documents and Forms’.


Q: What do I do if I have changed my bank account?

A: We can only accept a change of bank details when we are provided with a completed copy of the ‘Change of Bank Details’ form. This form can be found on the Human Resources section of the Sussex website under the heading ‘Payroll Documents and Forms’.


Q: What do I do if I think I have been over or under paid?

A: If you think there is an error in the amounts paid to you you should discuss this with your line manager. Your line manager will be able to discuss any discrepancies with HR & Payroll.


Q: What do I do if I have a compliment, complaint or comment about the Payroll service?

A: Compliments, complaints and comments should be directed to the Payroll Manager in the first instance. If a complaint cannot be resolved or you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can email and escalate your complaint.



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