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Updated process for payments to new & re-joining casual workers

The University has engaged Reed Talent Solutions to provide a master-vendor solution in which they will have sole responsibility of temporary engagements.

Changes to casual engagement process for new & re-joining workers – 31 July 2022

The University recently announced that it has engaged Reed Talent Solutions to provide a managed service which will have sole responsibility of temporary engagements. This arrangement includes new engagements which previously would have been paid via the University’s casual payroll or via an Agency. The service was launched back in November 2021.

As a result of this change the University casual payroll will be unavailable to new or re-joining workers from 31st July 2022. For new engagements you should instead use the Reed system. Current engagements paid by the University casual payroll should remain on the casual payroll until the end of the engagement.

Importantly, all claim forms submitted to the casual payments team which relate to new or re-joining workers and for work commencing on or after 1st August 2022 will be rejected, and Managers will be directed to the managed service.

Staff with substantive post-holdings should not register with Reed as they can use the internal casual claims process to receive pay for casual work alongside their normal salary. 

Further details and FAQ’s for the new service can be found here:

The new service offers some key benefits to you and your workers, including:

  • Single right to work checks. The service offers a central electronic pool of workers, which means your workers only need to provide their right to work check once, after which they can work for other managers without the need to prove their right to work again
  • Electronic time sheets
  • Electronic payslips
  • Shorter payment cut-offs with weekly pay dates, which means your workers receive their payments faster
  • Standardised pay rates in line with University pay scales
  • Greater visibility for workers of opportunities within the University

Some key points:

  • Reed will be responsible for processing all casual payments on which standard PAYE deductions applied
  • Current engagements which are using the old casual payroll process will not be automatically transferred to Reed and can continue to be engaged via the University Casual Payroll
  • New and re-engagements should be directed to the Reed managed service
    • Re-engagements include any worker who had previously worked, but whose agreement for work has ended. The next time you offer work it should be through the Reed system
    • Workers who have not been paid for three months will be removed from the University casual Payroll. If you have not paid the worker in this period, then you should treat the next period of work as a re-engagement
    • Payment rates should sit on the University single pay spine. These rates can be found on the Reed service portal; however, if you identify a need to engage for work on a fixed fee basis you should discuss this with your HR Business Partner before using the Reed service
    • Payments for overseas workers will not be processed via Reed. If you have the need to engage an overseas worker, you should discuss your requirement with the University Tax Manager (Julie Gaskell) before you make an offer of work. If the engagement is agreed, it should be supported via a purchase order raised via finance
    • Payments which might previously have incurred no PAYE deductions, (including payments for external post-grad examining, guest lectures, artistic fees, musician fees, external research assessors) should be routed through the IR35 process.
      • If a payment is deemed self-employed for tax purposes payment will be made via the Finance light touch requisitioning system
      • If a payment is deemed employed for tax purposes payment will be made via the Reed Managed Service

If you are unsure about how best to engage workers you should discuss your resourcing requirements with your HR Business Partner, who will be help you to identify the correct engagement process.