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Recruiting UK-Based Non-Permanent Workers

This page relates to recruitment and payroll services for all workers who are not employed directly by the University on permanent or fixed-term contracts.

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REED Contact details:

To contact REED please E-mail: or Phone: 03330 154970

For support accessing or using the hiring manager portal, you can contact the REED XMS helpdesk on: 0208 274 4500

You can access the Hiring Manager Portal at:

If you have any further questions, wish to provide feedback please contact your HR Business Partner

Useful Documents

Bitesize XMS guidance videos

UoS Level 3 Approver User Guide

Process guidance for Talent Pool workers

Escalation Process with Contacts and SLA

Reed Managed Services Rates of Pay [PDF 715.46KB]

Worker Registration Info

Worker Info - Guide to Timesheets and Expenses

Hiring Manager Info - Hiring Manager Portal User Guide


General Requirements

1. What do I need to do if I have a temporary vacancy to fill?

Please contact your HR Business Partner for advice on requirements and next steps.

2. Does the recruitment of student volunteers need to go through the non-permanent worker process?

No, where a student volunteer is engaged on an exceptional basis, for example to help out at an open day, and a token payment is made to recognise their contribution, this falls outside of the non-permanent worker vacancy process. Please consult Procurement and Purchasing Policy guidance for more information on payments to students.  

Using Alternative Agencies

2. I've used REED before and they didn't get me the right candidates. Can I use a different agency?

In this situation you must contact your HR Business Partner to agree the best way forwards. You will need the agreement of your HR Business Partner to use an alternative agency. 

3. Can I raise a purchase requisition to hire temporary staff through other agencies?

As above, you need to discuss the planned recruitment with your HR Business Partner. Any requisitions that don’t have your HR Business Partner authorisation attached will not be accepted.   

4. What should I do if REED aren't getting me the right candidates/any candidates?

In this situation you should discuss possible options with your HR Business partner who will need to organise authorisation for you to work with another agency.  

Financial Queries

5. I don't understand what has been charged to my budget for staff hired through REED.

Please contact the Finance Service Desk for help with this. 

6. Is there a way I can get a report showing all the REED charges to my area?

 Please email to organise a timesheet report. This will take 1 working day.

7. I've authorised all the timesheets for my REED staff but nothing is being charged to my budget.

Please contact the Finance Service Desk for help with this. 

IT Equipment

8. How do I organise the right IT equipment for staff hired through REED?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk for help with this. 

9. What do I do if staff hired through REED don't return their IT equipment when they leave?

In this situation you need to contact REED who will organise the equipment return.  

Authorising Timesheets

10. I'm going to be away when my REED staff timesheets need to be authorised. What should I do?

Please contact REED at to have an alternative member of staff set up to do this in your place.

11. I'm not able to authorise my REED staff timesheet. What should I do?

Please contact REED for help with this.  

Early Termination of Assignment

12. What do I need to do when my REED contractor leaves before the planned end of assignment?

Please email letting REED know that your worker has left before the planned end of assignment. Please include their new end date, item ID (0008 3D2E/1) and if you require a backfill for this post.

Your budget is only charged with actual spend, not the original commitment, so no corrective financial action is needed with regards to the individual.