Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre

Current research

Most of the theoretical and experimental work is concerned with improving the cooling systems in advanced gas turbines. A number of experimental rigs have been designed and built to model the flow that occurs between engine components. In parallel with the experimental programmes, theoretical work involving CFD is used to predict the flow and heat transfer. The ultimate objective is to provide data and design methods for use in industry and for validation of large CFD codes.


Current gas turbine projects include: sealing of rotor-stator wheel spaces against hot mainstream gas ingestion; flow and heat transfer in rotating cavities in large aero engines; flow and heat transfer in HP compressor drive cones; transient heat transfer to axial compressor and axial turbine rotors; design and test of high-efficiency centrifugal compressors and radial inflow turbines for gas turbines; experimental investigation of wide-surge margin centrifugal compressors; the electric motor boosting of automotive turbochargers to improve low-speed torque and emissions; design and testing of engines, both reciprocating and gas turbine, for combined heat and power.