Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre

Welcome to the Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre

The Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre (TFMRC) is a dedicated research laboratory specialising in both fundamental and applied research in thermofluids.

Our expertise in the areas of aerodynamics and heat transfer is generally applied to research in gas turbine technology. There is a particular emphasis on gas turbine internal air systems, gas-path aerodynamics & component heat transfer and modelling of flow and combustion.

The TFMRC has received research grants in excess of £11 million over the last 10 years from a number of major gas turbine companies and independent governmental and non-governmental funding bodies. Rolls Royce has been a major contributor in the past. We currently have a substantial research contract with GE Aviation in Cincinnati, USA.

For the experimental work, we have five dedicated test cells with air, water, 3-phase power, pressure, mass flow and temperature instrumentation and data logging facilities. We are equipped for non-invasive instrumentation: pyrometry, thermal imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) and Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA). On the numerical side, in addition to commercial solvers, LES capable in-house codes are also available. A full list of experimental and numerical capabilities available at the TFMRC can be found on the pages describing the facilities.

We welcome enquiries about research opportunities. Informal enquiries about commissioning research programmes or performing research studies can be sent to individual staff members. For other enquiries concerning postgraduate degree programmes at doctoral (DPhil, PhD) or masters level (MSc and MPhil), please contact Luke Scott.

Below is a video of our past and current research activities, titled: "Thermo Fluid Mechanics Research Centre Since 1977, celebrating 50 years of Engineering at the University of Sussex".



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