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Are you interested in finding things out for yourself? Do you want to be involved in cutting-edge research?

If the answer to these questions is yes and you have the commitment to do research leading to a PhD, start by looking at the work of the groups in the different research themes.  If you find groups that are working on the types of question that might interest you, we encourage you to make contact with the Group Leaders with any questions that you might have, and to establish whether there may be a suitable project, before making a formal application. You will find their contact details on their research webpages.

Please note that for a standard PhD you will enter directly into a particular lab; this is NOT the same as the 4-Year PhD Programme. To apply to the 4-Year PhD Programme, please see the 4-Year PhD page for more details.

Funded PhD studentships currently advertised across Sussex Neuroscience:

Dr Ruth Murrell-Lagnado (Sussex Neuroscience) and Dr Yusong Guo (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): The cell biology of the pro-inflammatory P2X7 Receptor Channel (Dual-PhD program between Sussex and HKUST). Deadline: 13th July 2018.  **Full international funding**

Dr Sarah King: Alzheimer’s Society Doctoral Training Centre PhD Studentship: APOE genotype and cognition in animal models. Deadline: 20th July 2018.

Dr Neil Harrison: Using high quality HCP (Human Connectome Project) MRI to investigate effects of mild inflammation on brain function in ME/CFS. Deadline: 30th June 2018.

Funded studentships on the Brains on Board project: combining behavioural and electrophysological experiments with computational neuroscience and robotic modelling to gain unprecedented insight into the brains and learning mechanisms of bees. Please contact Paul Graham directly to apply:

You are welcome to submit applications to more than one course.

How to apply for a standard PhD

If you are applying to an advertised studentship, please follow the instructions on the relevant advert (links to advertised studentships will appear above when they become available).

For general information about PhD availability, please note whether the Group Leader you want to do a PhD project with belongs to a School within the University of Sussex (Life Sciences, Psychology or Informatics), or to the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS).

University of Sussex: For general information about PhD availability we recommend that you contact the supervisor first by email.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS): Applications are made through the University of Brighton. Please see the Postgraduate Research Degrees page for general information, and follow the "Applying" link to make your application.

Please note that for standard PhDs there are three possible entry points per year, in January, May and September (University of Sussex) or January, May and October (Brighton and Sussex Medical School). However, funded studentships are likely to have specific deadlines and start dates.