Sussex Neuroscience


Sussex offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees in different aspects of Neuroscience.

BSc Medical Neuroscience in  the School of Life Sciences. Medical neuroscience addresses our understanding of brain disease and dysfunction – and highlights the enormous scope for progress. How can discoveries in molecular genetics and neuropharmacology, and advances in techniques such as brain imaging and nanotechnology, lead to new treatments?

BSc Neuroscience in the School of Life Sciences. Neuroscience is the study of the brain – or the biology of the mind. Our brains contain many billions of interconnected neurons. Neuroscientists are interested in how the activity of these cells underlies thought and action, and we also study molecular mechanisms of drug action. We examine the systems that control our movement, allow us to see, underlie our emotional responses, or are affected by addictive drugs.

BSc Neuroscience with Cognitive Science combines neuroscience with a minor in cognitive science allowing students to integrate a range of intellectual approaches to the scientific understanding of the mind.   

BSc Psychology - Psychology teaches you a broad range of skills, spanning those traditionally associated with both arts and science degrees, and offers you a wide range of career prospects, including becoming a professional psychologist in, for example, the health service, education, or business.

BSc Psychology with Neuroscience - this accredited psychology degree combines a major in psychology with a minor in neurophysiology and cellular neuroscience, and is well suited to students with an interest in the biology of the brain or considering careers in biomedical science or research. 

The Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Programme BSc offers knowledge of current understanding of mind: thinking, memory, creativity, language, and more. It builds on firm philosophical foundations and is informed by advances in artificial intelligence (AI). This challenging programme allows students to integrate Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy and Informatics Majors with a minor based on the other subjects.