The Sussex Energy Group at SPRU undertakes academically rigorous, inter-disciplinary research that engages with policy-makers and practitioners. The aim of our research is to identify ways of achieving the transition to sustainable, low carbon energy systems whilst addressing other important policy objectives such as energy security.

Energy Sessions: How can we make energy sustainable?



Benjamin Sovacool, Director of the Sussex Energy Group and the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, was recorded speaking about energy access in developing countries as part of “Energy Sessions”, a new forum by the publishing house Elsevier that invites energy experts to give their thoughts on the “big questions in energy.”

Professor Sovacool was one of three experts in the first part of the series titled “How can we make energy sustainable?”, discussing the future of energy generation and use in relation to Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. In his video Prof Sovacool focuses on energy access in developing countries and how it is interconnected with other issues such as gender empowerment and health.

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