Subject area

As a visiting and exchange student at Sussex, you are able to choose from more than 1,000 modules from our full degree programmes. You will be taught alongside British and international students taking degree programmes, and can select your modules from a wide range of subject areas.

The following pages contain a list of modules open to visiting and exchange students. You can select modules from any of the subject areas and any level, provided you meet prerequisites for the modules, timetable compatibility and have an agreement with your academic advisor. For more information, please refer to the how to choose your modules page.

The modules are listed by subject, then by the level (year) of the Sussex degree programme: level 4 modules precede level 5. (Note: level 3 modules are modules that will bring you up to level 4 standard, and level M modules are Masters degree level).

To ensure you have the best student experience, we are currently reviewing and developing our modules. To give you an idea of our exciting range of modules, the modules displayed are those that were available for the previous year. Some changes may be made to the form or content of the modules.