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Explore the grid to get a taste of what it’s really like to study at Sussex from our current students through Tweets, photos and blog posts.

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The procession for San Antonio throughout Stignano- ending at the church overlooking the town.

Sun is setting on a Vespa-riding, sea-swimming, pasta-eating perfect day in south Italy.

"We are now 99th in the world for freedom of press…spreading information is revolutionary in Greece. We are just doing our jobs." Skype Q&A with the director of Facism, Inc. #sussexmedia

Thanks to IDS and Pathways of Women's Empowerment for the truly provocative and interactive event today "What if women ruled the world?" You have to check out Anna Cady's film for both the story and the incredible oil paint animation.

Vegetarian-friendly BBQ with some park-friendly weather. Sunday 👍.

Ghosts in the gallery.