Masters courses 2017

At Sussex we offer exciting opportunities for you to take your studies to the next level. Our Masters courses will stimulate and challenge you, enabling you to develop your career.

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Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  1. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine MSc
  2. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine PGCert
  3. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine PGDip
  4. Cardiology MSc
  5. Cardiology PGCert
  6. Cardiology PGDip
  7. Clinical Radiology MSc
  8. Clinical Radiology PGCert
  9. Clinical Radiology PGDip
  10. Dementia Studies MSc
  11. Dementia Studies PGCert
  12. Dementia Studies PGDip
  13. Diabetes in Primary Care PGCert
  14. Global Health MSc
  15. Global Health PGCert
  16. Global Health PGDip
  17. Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning MSc
  18. Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning PGCert
  19. Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning PGDip
  20. Medical Education MSc
  21. Medical Education PGCert
  22. Medical Research MRes
  23. Paediatrics and Child Health MSc
  24. Paediatrics and Child Health PGCert
  25. Paediatrics and Child Health PGDip
  26. Physician Associate Studies CLNDIP(PG)
  27. Psychiatry MSc
  28. Psychiatry PGCert
  29. Psychiatry PGDip
  30. Public Health MSc
  31. Public Health PGCert
  32. Public Health PGDip
  33. Simulation in Clinical Practice PGCert
Engineering and Informatics
  1. Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
  2. Digital Communication Systems MSc
  3. Embedded Digital Systems MSc
  4. Engineering Business Management MSc
  5. Robotics and Autonomous Systems MSc
  6. Robotics and Autonomous Systems (with a Masters industrial placement) MSc
  7. Robotics and Autonomous Systems (with an industrial placement year) MSc
  8. Advanced Computer Science MSc
  9. Computing with Digital Media MSc
  10. Human-Computer Interaction MSc
  11. Information Technology with Business and Management MSc
  12. Intelligent and Adaptive Systems MSc
  13. Management of Information Technology MSc
  14. Web Development PGCert
Life Sciences
  1. Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology MSc
  2. Animal Behaviour MRes
  3. Conservation Biology MRes
  4. Evolutionary Biology MRes
  5. Global Biodiversity Conservation MSc
  6. Cancer Cell Biology MSc
  7. Neuroscience MRes
  8. Neuroscience MSc
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  1. Corporate and Financial Risk Management MSc
  2. Data Science MSc
  3. Financial Mathematics MSc
  4. Mathematics MSc
  5. Astronomy MSc
  6. Cosmology MSc
  7. Frontiers of Quantum Technology MSc
  8. Particle Physics MSc
  9. Physics MSc
  1. Applied Social Psychology MSc
  2. Cognitive Neuroscience MSc
  3. Experimental Psychology MSc
  4. Foundations of Clinical Psychology and Mental Health MSc
  5. Low-Intensity Psychological Interventions for Children and Young People PGCert
  6. Mental Health Practice PGCert
  7. Psychological Methods MRes
  8. Psychological Therapy PGDip
Business, Management and Economics
  1. Master of Business Administration (full time) MBA
  2. Master of Business Administration (part time) MBA
  3. Banking and Finance MSc
  4. Corporate and Financial Risk Management MSc
  5. Engineering Business Management MSc
  6. Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc
  7. Financial Mathematics MSc
  8. Financial Risk and Investment Analysis MSc
  9. Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management MSc
  10. Human Resource Management MSc
  11. International Accounting and Corporate Governance MSc
  12. International Management MSc
  13. International Marketing MSc
  14. Management MSc
  15. Management and Finance MSc
  16. Management of Information Technology MSc
  17. Development Economics MSc
  18. Economics MSc
  19. International Business Economics MSc
  20. International Finance and Economics MSc
  21. Climate Change, Development and Policy MSc
  22. Energy Policy MSc
  23. Project Management MSc
  24. Science and Technology Policy MSc
  25. Strategic Innovation Management MSc
  26. Sustainable Development MSc
Education and Social Work
  1. Early Years in Education MA
  2. Education MA
  3. International Education and Development MA
  4. International Teacher Education PGDip
  5. 7-14 Mathematics PGCE
  6. 7-14 Modern Foreign Languages PGCE
  7. Media Studies PGCE
  8. Primary PGCE
  9. Secondary Classics with History PGCE
  10. Secondary Drama PGCE
  11. Secondary English PGCE
  12. Secondary Geography PGCE
  13. Secondary History PGCE
  14. Secondary Mathematics PGCE
  15. Secondary Modern Foreign Languages PGCE
  16. Secondary Music PGCE
  17. Secondary Psychology PGCE
  18. Secondary Science PGCE
  19. Childhood and Youth Studies MA
  20. Social Work MA
  21. Wellbeing MRes
  22. Social Research Methods MSc
Global Studies
  1. Anthropology MA
  2. Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation MA
  3. Social Anthropology of the Global Economy MA
  4. Climate Change, Development and Policy MSc
  5. Migration and Global Development MA
  6. Environment, Development and Policy MA
  7. Gender and Development MA
  8. Gender, Violence and Conflict MA
  9. Human Rights MA
  10. Media Practice for Development and Social Change MA
  11. Migration Studies MA
  12. Sexual Dissidence MA
  13. Social Development MA
  14. Conflict, Security and Development MA
  15. Geopolitics and Grand Strategy MA
  16. Global Political Economy MA
  17. International Relations MA
  18. International Security MA
  19. Social Research Methods MSc
Institute of Development Studies
  1. Climate Change, Development and Policy MSc
  2. Development Studies MA
  3. Gender and Development MA
  4. Globalisation, Business and Development MA
  5. Governance and Development MA
  6. Participation, Power and Social Change MA
  7. Poverty and Development MA
  8. Social Research Methods MSc
Law, Politics and Sociology
  1. Corruption, Law and Governance (delivered in Qatar) LLM
  2. Criminal Law and Criminology LLM
  3. Environmental Law LLM
  4. Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)/Common Professional Examination (CPE) PGDip
  5. Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law LLM
  6. International Commercial and Trade Law LLM
  7. International Criminal Law LLM
  8. International Financial Law LLM
  9. International Human Rights Law LLM
  10. International Law LLM
  11. Law LLM
  12. Corruption and Governance MA
  13. European Governance and Policy MA
  14. International Politics MA
  15. Criminology and Criminal Justice MA
  16. Gender Studies MA
  17. Social Research Methods MSc